Flexfind: Search and replace made easy

What is FlexFind

Flexfind eases searching throughout an entire Excel workbook. Enter a string to search for and get a list of all found locations. Click on an entry to go there. Select workbook, sheet or range searching. Replace with another string in the found items you select. At your wish, get a confirmation for each occurrence found (also within one cell).

Flexfind add-in for Excel

Ever needed to replace a company name in the title of 25 charts? Or replace just the third occurrence of a cell address in some cells' formulas? Or change a part of the header of 6 sheets? Or in your VBA macro's? Flexfind enables you to do so.

Flexfind is free of charge and works in Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, 2021 and 365 both 32 and 64 bits.

If you really like Flexfind, please consider donating to help support it's future development:
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Please read: Excel add-ins fail to load

Current versions of Excel (Windows and Mac)

Flexfind  v5.3, build 624 (Feb 07, 2024, Downloaded: 92.404 times)

This is the version for all versions as of Excel 2007, including Mac Excel (beta).

This version cannot be used with versions prior to Excel 2007.

Old Mac version

For Mac users having issues with the 2007 version above, Flexfind 5.1 (Downloaded: 8.833 times) is still available.

Excel on-line

Here is a version of Flexfind which works in Excel on-line.

Recent Changes

5.3 Build 624: Fixed bug regarding hyperlinks on objects other than cells. Fixed finding items in objects outside of the usedrange. Added validation messages (input and error) and titles

Installation Instructions

Download the correct zip file using the links above. Unpack the files in the zip file to a folder of your liking and open the file called "Setup Flexfind.xls". Press the button in that file to install.



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Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (28-5-2024 16:08:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Rino,

Sure that should "just" work. Have you tried?

Comment by: Rino (28-5-2024 16:27:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jan,

maybe I'm wrong on something. Let me explain what I've tried:

My goal is to change some text in multiple VBA modules in multiple open Workbooks.
If I search the string #12/31/2022# it won't show nothing.
If I just search for #, I can find it, but when I try to replace with [""] (without brakets), it just adds the [""] to # simbol.
If I try with _chr(035)_, i can find it, but it just adds the [""] to # simbol.
Sorry for my bad English, hope it's clear

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (28-5-2024 16:55:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Rico,

I've found the problem with the # sign and updated Flexfind to build 625.

Please download the add-in from my site again and replace your copy with the new one.

Comment by: Rino (28-5-2024 17:11:00) deeplink to this comment

It worked!! Thank you very much!! You saved me A LOT of time!!

Comment by: Rino (29-5-2024 23:31:00) deeplink to this comment

I've got another little issue. If I try to search text in a formula, it shows nothing.
All these formulas are basically links to a specific cell in a specific workbook on my LAN, for example:

I would change the 2022 value, but I can't find it (tried objects, values, formulas).
Do I miss some search criteria for this type of inquiry?
Thanks Jan!

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (30-5-2024 16:12:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Rino,

Odd, it works just fine for me.

Comment by: Rino (31-5-2024 08:21:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jan, thank you for your response.

Could it be a matter of lenght of formulas? They can be more than 160 charcters long

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (3-6-2024 10:24:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Rino,

Are you able to share that file? All I would need is a single-sheet workbook containing just one formula that demonstrated the issue. You can send it to me using the email address at the bottom of the page.

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