What can I do for you?

Whichever type of Excel or Access application or training you need, you've come to the right place to find expert help.

I am an Excel and VBA expert (some people would say guru) with in-depth knowledge of Excel and VBA. Of course there are some areas I am particularly experienced in. These include:

  • Developing bespoke Excel models and add-ins completely tailored to your needs.
  • Professionalizing your Excel model (add navigation, make formatting consistent, apply styles, add data validation, streamline the work-process within the model).
  • Developing add-ins for Excel on-line (and Excel in Teams) using Office JavaScript
  • Create Office scripts for you which work with Excel on-line (in a browser or in Teams)
  • Building sophisticated and user-friendly Excel templates for modeling and data entry.
  • Writing professional VBA code to automate tasks within your projects.
  • Salvaging problematic workbooks: Getting rid of corruptions, removing excess formatting, recovering from crashes.
  • Enabling your Spreadsheet model to fetch data from and/or update data to external systems.
  • Create a custom Excel and/or VBA training just for you.

To get an impression of my level of expertise, a few examples of Excel add-ins and utilities developed by me can be found on my download pages.

Take a moment to browse through the Excel articles I have posted on this site, you may find something useful there too.

Check out the products page for examples of commercially developed products.

Other services

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  3. Recommendations

Some examples of projects

Building an Excel add-in which enables the user to retrieve shipping and storage information from the Kpler webservice.

Professionalizing a planning workbook, training.

Translating Excel training questions from English to Dutch.

Graybeard Educators
Graybeard Educators Inc.: Develop a system to generate reports to ease analyzing MCAS data for US schools.

Robeco Rotterdam: Project End User Developed Applications; Expert reviews of spreadsheets.

Amsterdam Trade Bank: Spreadsheet inventory analysis for migration to a new Office version.

FrieslandCampina. Various projects, including building a planning tool.

Shell Headquarters: Edit and optimise a set of templates which are used to analyse projects. These templates are updated using the SAP EPM add-in. The templates have been developed by me in 2007 and most of the structure and VBA code I have developed way back in 2007 is still functioning well.

Joulz Rotterdam; Ensuring critical spreadsheet applications are put into the control of the IT dept.

SpiritIT: Professionalize their quote, order and invoicing system (Excel, MySQL Database).

Vistaprint The Netherlands: Excel training of financial professionals, professionalizing financial Excel models, building auditing tools.

Calderys : Upgrading the Excel tool I have developed for Calderys in the past years for delivering complex project price calculations. First to version 1.1 and after that to version 2.0: Excel and VBA.

Chamber of commerce Amsterdam: Excel+VBA course.

Project at Stichting Kennisnet (follow-up on same project as mentioned below).

Credit Agricole Amsterdam: Office migration project

For one of the Quote 100 companies in the USA (Banking) : Updating and developing tools to analyze and salvage problematic Excel files: Formula auditing tool, Style rationalisation tool, Corrupt range name fixing, circular reference finder and etcetera.

Shell: Building a System to assess gas storage systems projects. Excel + VBA.

Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers: Auditing of mission-critical (Excel) spreadsheets. Setting up a spreadsheet applications control system.

Stichting Kennisnet : Building highly complex reports using SQL Server and Excel.

Caderys Refractory Solutions: A custom built system to enable the client to make fast and accurate price estimates by tremendously easing the process of calculating the needed amounts of materials for complex industrial plants. Excel + VBA.

CP7: Creating an e-invoicing and fully electronic order processing system: MS Access/VBA, SQL Server.

SNS Bank
SNS Asset Management: Update portfolio management reporting (Excel/VBA).

Shell EP Netherlands: Develop a set of templates which are used to update project planning models. The Excel templates are downloaded from a SAP portal and use SAP Webservices to (securely) pull data from and push data to SAP XI.

Essent trading : Developing various Excel (VBA) tools for the Energy trading desk, supporting traders with their Excel related issues.

ABN Amro
ABN AMRO bank the Netherlands (Risk Management): Developing various complex reporting systems (Excel + VBA + Lotus Notes automation) and a switchboard Application (MSAccess) to run these automatically.

For a large Bank in New York: Developing an auditing tool and a tool to remediate problematic workbooks.

For Fortis Bank The Netherlands: Assisting with an Office migration project. Analysis of hundreds of thousands of files for potential migration issues, using a customized Access application. Fixing issues during the migration.

NavigatorXL By Scamander: Wizards for uploading data to and downloading data from Oracle systems directly from within Excel.

For Weka publishers: professionalize a system to create annual social reports.

For the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs: a course on Advanced Excel VBA. Topics: Class modules (backgrounds, custom events, collections). Userforms (Create on-the-fly using code, add code programmatically, add controls at runtime, create control events using class modules). Add-ins (COM, VB6) in Excel. Smart Tags. Controlling Outlook and Word via Excel VBA. Creating and modifying databases and tables using ADO and SQL.

For Shell Brands International AG, a system to enter and analyze global advertising campaign pre-test research data (using VBA, Pivot tables, Data Validation and conditional formatting).

For a UK waste management company: updating a graphing package that is used for the analysis of nuclear waste streams (using extensive VBA coding).

A reporting system for an American company with which they calculate the weekly pay and bonuses for their technicians and which reports their sales over various periods of time. The project involves Excel and VBA programming, using Microsoft ADO to extract data from an Access database.

For an American financial consultancy company: A system to import email messages from Outlook into Excel in order to be able to process the name and address data (entered in a webform) from people subscribing to a newsletter. This project involved programming Outlook from Excel, using VBA from within Excel.

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