Here are some recommendations written by customers of JKP Application Development Services.

From Mutliverse Computing

"As a leading quantum software company we're always committed to push the boundaries of our innovative solutions at a very fast pace. Jan Karel with his deep expertise in VBA development greatly helped us step up our game to offer the best possible frontend interfaces to our clients. Great professional. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him."

From Darryl Collins

"LinkedIn wants to me to say congrats on 15 years @ JKP Apps. But instead I am going to write and say thanks for all your help over the years. You don't even know how much you have helped me (and people like me) as much of it has been via blogs, groups, websites, tools and email groups. But in part thanks to you I have been able to create elegant and reliable VBA / Excel solutions for many companies over the past two decades. Thanks @Jan Karel Pieterse - much appreciated."

From Shell Projects & Technology

"In 2011 we engaged Jan Karel to improve the robustness of an existing Excel based application and to add many new features. I have a reasonably high level of Excel competence myself and yet Jan Karel was always able to bring new ideas and understanding to resolve the issues that we had. He worked very efficiently and I always felt that he delivered a lot for the hours that he booked to the project. His engineering background meant that he quickly understood what we were trying to achieve and was able to identify potential problems (and ways to address them) over and beyond what was in the initial scope."

From Calderys Refractory Solutions

"Not being satisfied with other commercially available software, our company approached JKP-Application Development Services with a concept for creating a new tool to be used in the preparation of construction bids. After an initial consultation and then a period of development and concept revision, we arrived at a final product that is robust, powerful, and intuitive to users – and yet the speed of the program remains quick and file size small.

Throughout the process Mr. Pieterse impressed us with his familiarity with Excel and competence in VBA programming, of course, but also with his ability to grasp the overall concept of where we were trying to get to and provide recommendations on how to go about it. Communications were prompt and professional.

In short, we can offer this as the strongest recommendation: now that we have finished the first development we are already looking for the next project that JKP-ADS can help us with."

From SNS Asset Management

"SNS Asset Management engaged JKP-ADS for a project with a very tight time schedule. A reporting format for several clients had to be created. Therefore we appealed to JKP-ADS, due to the time schedule we needed someone with deeper knowledge of MS Excel & MS Access.

First of all Jan Karel made some enhancements in our existing reporting formats & database. These enhancements made some major improvements to our current process. From there on we have created in cooperation with Jan Karel a user friendly framework for the new clients.

Looking back on the project only positive words come up to my mind. If your company needs a MS Office Developer I would certainly recommend JKP-ADS!"

From ISIS Affiliates (Groton, MA)

"Like many other organizations, we were first introduced to Jan Karel Pieterse and JKP-ADS through his free Name Manager utility. Jan Karel’s swift responses to our questions and exceptionally sound advice prompted us to seek him out when we had more advanced projects to consider. As educational consultants helping schools make better use of their data resources, we have benefited tremendously from Jan Karel’s involvement with our organization: his practical expertise has elevated our products to unanticipated levels of professionalism and his forward-thinking has opened our eyes to new ways of conceptualizing client relationships. In short, Jan Karel and his company have made all the difference in the world for us. We cannot recommend him highly enough."

From a quote 100 US company:

"Our firm engaged JKP Application Development Services (JKP-ADS) to create a suite of forensic and analysis programs for us to use in remediating corrupt Excel files. We are a large international investment bank and this project was very important to us. For several years we had been requesting such remediation tools unsuccessfully from Microsoft so we finally decided to seek other solutions. We decided on JKP-ADS because we found their free Name Manager utility to be so useful and powerful. Throughout the project, JKP-ADS met every deadline and often sent revisions the same day we requested them. They responded timely to every request and often made suggestions to improve the design and scope of the utility package. We found the quality of their work to be superior and we very much enjoyed our working relationship with JKP. We unhesitatingly recommend JKP-ADS for anyone in need of any type of Excel development."

From Scamander Solutions B.V. :

"In 2006 we worked together with Jan Karel in developing an advanced wizard-utility in Excel to select data from an Oracle database, via HTML calls. This resulted in a marketable product called NavigatorXL that has been released near the end of 2006.

Without any marketing efforts 3 major customers adopted the product and resellers were appointed in Germany, Austria and France. We were very pleased with the responsiveness of Jan Karel and his flexibility in thinking with us to complete the product. If you are looking for someone that really makes a difference and is an ultimate Microsoft Excel professional, contact Jan Karel."

From Shout-it-Now:

"A team of people working in South Africa, USA and the Netherlands were on deadline to complete a major HIV/AIDS grant application when a visual basic macro failed. JKP came to the rescue by making the fix and an enhancement to the application in time for us to complete the proposal on time. Jan Karel was able to dial into our spreadsheet, review the existing code on the fly and make the changes on-line in just a few hours. The quality and responsiveness of Jan Karel's services was outstanding and enabled us to make the deadline."