Excel Trainings and courses

We offer various training programs; both pre-scheduled trainings and custom-made courses. Content of trainings can be adapted to your needs. If preferred we also offer any course as an in-house training.

Linked In Learning

I've published my first Linked In Learning course in August 2023:

Excel for Engineering Professionals

Excel for Engineering Professionals

Course description:

While Microsoft Excel can be a powerful tool for engineers, most engineers barely scratch the surface with its full functionality. In this course, designed for advanced Excel users, Microsoft MVP Jan Karel Pieterse gives you an overview of some of the most robust features in Excel that can help you complete many common tasks as a mechanical, chemical, or structural engineer. Get a primer on what tasks are best suited for Excel in relation to other functions and tools as well as the most useful functions for engineering projects, from ranges and lookups to strings, arrays, and more. Get ready to use Excel to solve complex problems, work with charts, and import and analyze data sets. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to start leveraging workbooks, sheets, cells, arrays, conditions, loops, and events for VBA programming.

Excel training offered by perfectXL

I've created most of the course materials for this training:

Excel Modeling for Professionals: Best Practices & Pitfalls.

Visit the PerfectXL training page for more information!

The Excel VBA Masterclass

Excel VBA Masterclass

The VBA masterclass is available both as an on-line and an in-house training, comprising of six 2 hour sessions.

Our attendees were very enthusiastic about this training!

Excel VBA voor Financials

a Dutch two-day Excel VBA course (courses held six times now).

Save time by automating your reports! Unveil the VBA secrets and bring your Excel knowledge and skills up to speed

Excel experts Tony de Jonker and Jan Karel Pieterse help you overcome any stage freight, so you can produce intelligent business analyses, save time by eliminating reoccurring actions and present robust solutions to your stakeholders. You will only learn what you as a Finance Professional need in your daily job. This is a Dutch three-day Excel VBA course.