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What is Flexfind (office-js edition)

Ever needed to find a company name in the title of 25 charts? Or in formulas? Or in the header of 6 sheets? Flexfind (office-js edition) enables you to do so.

Flexfind (office-js edition) is the Office-JavaScript counterpart of our own Flexfind Excel add-in (written in VBA). Contrary to the VBA Flexfind add-in, Flexfind (office-js edition) works in both desktop Excel and Excel on-line.

Flexfind is free of charge and works in Windows and Mac Excel 365, both 32 and 64 bits and Excel on-line.

What makes Flexfind special is that it not only searches in worksheet cells. The current list of searched objects includes:

Here is a screen-shot of a search:

Flexfind add-in for Excel

Installation instructions

Find the tool by opening Excel and clicking Insert, Get Add-ins:

Excel Insert tab with the Get Add-ins button

Then search for "Flexfind" (without the quotes). If you click on the found item, you should get a page like this screen-shot:

Flexfind add-in for Excel as shown in the Office add-ins store

To add Flexfind to your Excel, click the Add button.

If you really like Flexfind (office-js edition), please consider donating to help support it's future development:
Paypal donate button

Recent Changes

Build, 2023-1-18: first working version



All comments about this page:

Comment by: Martin Nolan (21-1-2023 16:31:00) deeplink to this comment

Added Build, 2023-1-18 to Office 365 Excel x64 Win 11 and attempted a simple Find in a cell. Nothing happened.

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (21-1-2023 19:58:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Martin,

What were you trying to find?

Comment by: Martin Nolan (22-1-2023 20:53:00) deeplink to this comment

I was trying to find one word of text in a cell. I just tried it on my other PC and it worked. I will try to add it again to my first PC.

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