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January 2024: Three new functions: PIVOTBY, GROUPBY and PERCENTOF. New add-in: JavaScript version of Name Manager.

November 2023: Celebrating 20 years of

September 2023: My Linked In Learning course Excel for Engineering Professionals, Python comes to Excel, What's new in Excel since January

January 2023: The LAMBDA function

October 2022: Announcing my session at the Excel Virtually Global conference

April 2022: Justifying text in Excel and our new Find My Cursor add-in

February 2022: Getting back the old File, Open dialog, hidden features in the control toolbox, zooming a userform

January 2022: Summary of posts on Linked In: Find previous, Accessibility checker, Adding a comment to a table, Filtering the other way around (omitting items)

December 2021: Summary of posts on Linked In: Prevent open event, Close All windows at once, Shift drag range with a mouse.

July 2021: Loads of new articles on my website

January 2021: The LAMBDA function and our GitHub VBA Exporter

June 2020: Creating a dependent validation using Dynamic Arrays

April 2020: The new LET function

January 2020: Dynamic Array formulas and functions

November 2019: Spreadsheet Model Template

August 2019: Combinations, Combinations (2), a challenge

May 2019: All combinations between of two (or more) lists

February 2019: Something I don't like about PowerQuery (Locale)

November 2018: RefTreeAnalyser license and updates

October 2018 (2): Excel VBA Masterclass anouncement

October 2018: Updates to some important free Excel tools and why I did them

September 2018 Topics: Catching and acting upon a compile error in your add-in

July 2018 Topics: What I've been up to in the past months.

February 2018 Topics: Ignore blanks on Datavalidation, what does that mean?

December 2017 Topics: Inconsistent Calculated Column Formula

October 2017 Topics: End User Computing (EUC)

September 2017 Topics: Selecting cells which do not belong to a set of ereas

July 2017 Topics: A short history of Name Manager and a poll about a feature we are about to remove

June 2017 Topics: Co-Authoring has an unexpected side-effect

May 2017 Topics: Report of The Amsterdam Excel Summit

April 2017 Topics: Fixing display problems with Excel 2010 on Windows 10

March 2017 Topics: Updates to RefTreeAnalyser, Amsterdam Excel Summit program

February 2017 Topics: Getting selected slicer items into your spreadsheet cells

January 2017 Topics: Bug in Styles object (VBA)

November 2016 Topics: Form controls bug revisited; What to use, Integer or Long?

October 2016 Topics: Form controls bug; report about Excel VBA Masterclass

September 2016 Topics: Excel Wheel Of Fortune, MVP Award

July/August 2016 Topics: Problems opening downloaded Excel files

June 2016 Topics: Problems with the ABAP2XLSX library

May 2016 Topics: Report of the Amsterdam Excel Summit 2016

April 2016 Topics: Update to RefTreeAnalyser

March 2016 Topics: Prevent deleting a sheet

February 2016 Topics: A Moving Checkbox

January 2016 Topics: Table Of Content, Webservice demo

December 2015 Topics: Useful VBA routines

November 2015 Topics: Articles on my website pertaining to Excel add-in development

October 2015 Topics: A faster model by getting rid of VLOOKUP

September 2015 Topics: Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Excel!

August 2015 Topics: Tools for Excel and VBA everyone should own.

July 2015 Topics: Golden rules for developing spreadsheets.

June 2015 Topics: Using the function wizard on nested functions, Summer sale, upcoming courses

May 2015 Topics: Use hyperlinks and Goto to find your VBA code, Why is my worksheet dead-slow.

April 2015 Topics: Date and time shortcut, Slow responding worksheets, Declare variables in VBA, Amsterdam Excel Summit, course "Excel VBA voor financials"

March 2015 Topics: Formula auditing shortcut, Styles, Amsterdam Excel Summit