Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy. So here is what we are storing about you when you use our website


Our website uses one cookie to store your cookie consent and two systems to track visitor statistics:

  • Google analytics
  • Statcounter

These companies place cookies to be able to see how many (unique) visitors our website gets and where these visitors come from. The usual data is stored, like: IP address, Country (based on IP address), browser, source, URL you came from, operating system etc.

More information:

 Comments on our website

Most of our website’s pages allow our visitors to enter comments and ask questions. To make this work, we register this information:

  • Name
  • IP address
  • Date
  • Email address
  • The comment

We only use the email address to send you an email once your comment has been published.

The Privacy-Policy document below indicates how you can file a request to have your information removed from our website.

Please use this link to download our Company Privacy Policy