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  • The most recent version is is available for download here, click the link that says "Download RefTreeAnalyser (Free demo!!!)".
  • Unpack the zip file to any folder you like.
  • Open the file called "RefTreeAnalyserXL.xlam" (Excel 2003 users should open RefTreeAnalyser.xla).
  • Follow instructions to install.

Start the tool from the ribbon of Excel 2007 and up, you will find a group on the Formulas tab or on its own tab:

RefTreeAnalyser shown on the Formulas tab
The ribbon tab of RefTreeAnalyser

Or use the cell right click menu:

RefTreeAnalyser right-click cell menu


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Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (27-8-2016 19:20:34) deeplink to this comment


Probably the file is blocked due to a recent security update. See:

Comment by: Apostolos (5-9-2018 22:47:03) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jan Karel,

I get the following message when RefTreeAnalyser tries to update, either automatically or manually:
"Checking for updates has failed: Unable to fetch latest build number from".

Can you please advise how to resolve?

Many thanks in advance!

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (6-9-2018 09:15:35) deeplink to this comment

Hi Apostolos,

Please download the version from the site and replace your RefTreeAnalyser files on your disk with the ones in the download. I have changes my site from http to https, which causes the update process to fail on the older versions.

Comment by: Apostolos (7-9-2018 17:39:58) deeplink to this comment

Thank you Jan Karel,

Worked like a charm!

Best Regards,

Comment by: Apostolos (11-9-2018 18:17:04) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jan Karel,

I updated RefTreeAnalyser successfully to v2.0 129. While the "Report Formulas" tool worked marvelously in the past, when I am running it now, Column D of the report (headed "Used in"), which includes the address of the ranges where each formula is applied, now shows many "#VALUE!" errors. Further, there are no hyperlinks to the respective ranges, which was an extremely useful functionality of the tool. Do I need to change some kind of setting? I am using the Professional Plus 2016 version.

Best Regards,

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (11-9-2018 18:23:20) deeplink to this comment

Hi Apostolos,

The "UsedIn" column now contains a formula which points to the cells using the formula.

The trick is to use RTA itself to traverse those references, simply by using trace precedents (control+shift+[ short-cut)

Comment by: Wiens (18-4-2020 16:35:00) deeplink to this comment


In the RefTreeAnalyserXL Build 151 there is a typo in the file where the following question is asked during opening of an Excel file after installation:

'This is an unregistered version, updates are diabled. Would you like to purchase a license?'

'diabled' should be 'disabled' in the text.

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (20-4-2020 11:17:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Wiens,

Thank you!

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