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The most recent version is is available for download here, click the link that says "Download RefTreeAnalyser (Free demo!!!)".


Below is a screenshot of RefTreeAnalyser, showing both dependents and precedents of a cell.

Screenshot of RefTreeAnalyser, the ultimate Excel formula auditing tool.

Note that it shows the value in each cell next to its address and also highlights references which evaluate to an error in red automatically.

If there are any objects using the current cell, those will be shown in black. Validation formula references and conditional formatting formula references are shown in black as well.

The Visualize option shows improved trace precedents arrows:

Visualize option of RefTreeAnalyser

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The Object Reference Enables you to see what your cells are used by objects on your sheets, such as Pivot tables, Charts and etcetera.

RefTreeAnalyser Object References Screen

And here is a screenshot of the tool after detecting circular references:

RefTreeAnalyser showing circular references

RefTreeAnalyser integrates nicely with Excel. You have the choice of either a separate tab on the ribbon called RefTreeAnalyser:

RefTreeAnalyser ribbon interface

Or a separate section on the formulas tab:

RefTreeAnalyser ribbon interface

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Comment by: Anthony Lisbona (6-2-2014 06:17:22) deeplink to this comment

Does RefTreeAnalyser check if a conditional format or a volatile function is dependant on a specific cell (both of which Excel's 'Trace Dependants' cannot)?

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (6-2-2014 19:31:22) deeplink to this comment

Hi Anthony,

Yes it does!
What kind of "Volatile" function do you mean? INDIRECT? It doesn't do those.

Comment by: Sherry (21-6-2023 16:40:00) deeplink to this comment

What does the Formula Report look like? Can you provide a screenshot? I assume this would be an Excel file.

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (22-6-2023 10:27:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Sherry,

Here is a screen-shot of the formula report:

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