This page contains a couple of links to mostly Excel related sites I find useful.

If you have suggestions for additions or find defective links, please let me know.

Newsgroups and fora

Let me start with the most important ones, Newsgroups and fora.

Microsoft MSDN Forums: The MSDN forums (aimed at developers and VBA programming) operated by Microsoft.

Microsoft TechCommunity: The user forums operated by Microsoft.

Eileen's Lounge: Very lively forum on lots of Microsoft software, including Office.

MrExcel: The most active Excel forum I know of

English sites

Decision Models - Advanced Microsoft Excel Consultancy and Solution Development: A wealth of information on Excel's calculation engine. Also the co-author of the Name Manager. Decision models sells a very useful add-in called :

FastExcel V4: An excellent product to optimise your Excel model!

There are 3 major products in the FastExcel V4 family which are targeted at different types of useage, and allow you to only buy the tools you need:

  • FastExcel V4 Profiler
    The Profiler gives you a comprehensive set of tools focussed on finding and prioritising calculation bottlenecks. If your spreadsheet takes more than a few seconds to calculate you need FastExcel profiler to find out and prioritize the reasons for the slow calculation. Profiling Drill-Down Wizard, Profile Workbook, Profile Worksheet, Profile Formulas, Map Cross-References

  • FastExcel V4 Manager
    FastExcel Manager contains tools to help you build, debug and maintain Excel workbooks.
    Name Manager Pro - an invaluable tool for manaing Defined Names and Tables
    Formula Viewer/Editer - a better way of editing and debugging more complex formulas.
    Workbook - Cleaner - Trim down any excess bloat in your workbooks
    Where-Used Maps - See where your Defined Names, Number Formats and Styles are being used

  • FastExcel SpeedTools
    SpeedTools provides you with a state-of-the-art tool-kit to help you speed up your Excel Calculations
    Calculation timing tools for workbooks, worksheets, and ranges
    Additional calculations modes to enhance control of calculation so that you only calculate what needs to be calculated.
    90 superfast multi-threaded functions
    Faster and more powerful Lookups and List comparisons
    Multi-condition filtering and Distinct formulas to eliminate many slow SUMPRODUCT and Array formulas
    Enhanced functions for Array handling, text, mathematics, sorting, information and logic

My Online training hub; Courses by Excel MVP Mynda Treacy

Peltier Tech Chart Utility for Excel; The best charting tool ever!

Peltier Tech Chart Utility

Peltier Tech (Jon Peltier): Excellent pages on how to create charts you thought were impossible with Excel.

Peltier Tech Blog: Jon's blog on Charting in Excel.

ModelOff: ModelOff is a fun, innovative and professional competition for students and professionals to develop and test their financial modeling skills against their friends, colleagues and top modelers from around the world. Participants from over 100 countries progress through two Online Qualification Rounds with a Live Finals Event held in New York.

Infotron: Dealing well with Excel yourself, but want to understand, validate and improve your spreadsheets?


PerfectXL Compare: The best tool to detect differences between two versions of your Excel model

MZTools The best VBA programming productivity tool on the planet!

MZ tools

Excel excercise Excellent site (both in French and English) by fellow Excel MVP Frédéric Le Guen

Andrew's Excel Utilities: Excel productivity tools you'll love!

Andrew's Excel Utilities

AET VBE tools

VBA Tanker (by Bernd Held):

VBA Tanker

A huge database with pre-programmed VBA functions for you to plug into your VBA projects.

The Excel Blog By Microsoft: news and tips on the latest and greatest from Microsoft.

SpreadsheetDaddy: SpreadsheetDaddy is an online resource providing free, in-depth, and easy-to-follow Excel tutorials for beginners.

Office Automation (Stephen Bullen): An excellent site that hosts many good examples of how to do the impossible with Excel.

Bill Manville Associates (Bill Manville): Site of one of my closest Excel friends. and the home of one of the most popular Excel downloads I know of: FindLink

Nick Hodge's site: Various informative pages, especially on VBA.

Pearson Software Consulting Services (Chip Pearson): An excellent site with a wealth of information about Excel, including many advanced topics.

Ron de Bruin's Excel Page: If you want to send mail using lists in Excel, this is your starting point. Also the home of the Google search utility for Excel.

Daily Dose of Excel (By Dick Kusleika): One of the web's best Excel Blogs with daily tips.

Application Professionals (Rob Bovey): Host of one of the utilities I use most frequently, the Code cleaner.

AJP Excel Information (by Andy Pope): Some very nice charting examples, VBA examples and utilities. (By Bob Philips): Very interesting Excel VBA and formula examples.

Excel user (By Charley Kyd): Has interesting articles, about OLAP and Excel, about dashboard reporting and runs a monthly newsletter.

XL-Dennis: Very nice blog about Excel and .NET.

TrumpExcel (By Sumit Bansal): Tutorials (blog posts and videos) covering various topics such as Excel Tips, VBA Tips, Charting Tips, Dashboard Tips, Pivot Table, and Templates. Site hasmore than 350+ tutorials!

Excel hero (Daniel Ferry): Great Excel blog; intriguing downloads.

Infotron (Felienne Hermans) The very first website I know of which enables you to upload your spreadsheet models after which you receive a free analysis of how well you designed your formulas and such. Highly recommended for anyone building spreadsheets.

Expert Excel and Access Consultants and Trainers: If you need an Access or Excel expert, this site has a list of many of them (including myself).

Excel Tutorial: Free online Excel courses. Learn at your own speed.

Best Excel Resources on the Web: An ever growing list of Excel resources on the web maintained by Rick Grantham.

Excel Training: Quick and easy to follow Excel tutorials. By Tomasz Decker.

Excel Tutorial with GIFs from Udemy: This tutorial helps you learn excel by using text and GIFs, and covers beginner and intermediate concepts.

Acuity Training: Acuity Training offers high quality classroom based Excel courses in the UK.

PDF Converter Blog: Learn Excel online with these resources for self-study learners.

Vena is an Enterprise Solution, that automates any 'mission-critical' finance, accounting or business process while allowing users to remain completely inside MS Excel. Here is a quick visual: Vena in 90 Seconds

Vena Solutions

ExcelChamps A nice Excel blog run by Puneet Gogia Blog run by two Danish friends

Excel & VBA Tutorial Comprehensive and detailed tutorials covering a variety of Excel topics, including formulas and functions, and VBA/development. Great material on Charting and dashboards in Excel by David Hoppe. Great Excel site and Blog by Gašper Kamenšek from Slovenia Offers a free course on financial modelling in Excel

Excel University Excel University shows how to use Excel to maximize efficiency, automate recurring processes, and get your work done in less time.

Acuity Training is a leading Excel training provider in the UK, running training centres in London and Guildford. For more details of its Excel courses click here

Microsoft Excel training manuals available for free download from London UK based training company STL. They've taken their experience from thousands of hours of classroom training delivery and distilled it into these course manuals.

HowToExcel (by John MacDougall):

John hosts a nice list of Excel experts too, including myself which gave me this badge.
Excel award given to me by

Hhis site covers a wide range of topics from beginner to advanced. There's a great selection of tips, tricks, tutorials, templates and other resources to help you master Excel.

Excel off the grid (by Mark Proctor): Covers a wide variety of topics with the aim demystifying some of Excel's advanced features, making them more accessible to all users. A revolution in Excel Learning! Hot Key Excellence is a computer game to learn Excel. It includes over 200 Excel Shortcuts, 70 Formulas and other tricks. Save hours and weeks with the Game:

  • Improve your Excel speed up to 10 times.
  • Learn these skills up to 5 times quicker with the Game.
  • Learn and try at the same time. Certified online excel course with live chat support. (By Steve Rynearson): a series of online interactive Excel tutorials and practice tests covering Excel Formulas/Functions, Keyboard Shortcuts, and VBA. The tutorials are completely free and are extremely popular. is an all-in-one online tool that offers all types of PDF conversion to other formats and vice-versa, PDF to Excel conversion included. OCR conversion of scanned images (invoices and reports) is supported as well. Using this tool will make your PDF management easy

  • Totally anonymous tool, without registration process
  • No ads, no limitations, 100% FREE
  • Fast, secure and reliable
  • Access via a browser on any device: Windows, Mac, Linux or Mobile
  • Import files directly from your Google Drive or Dropbox

PyXLL is an Excel Add-In that enables developers to extend Excel’s capabilities with Python code by embedding Python into Excel.
For organizations and individuals working in Excel, PyXLL makes Python a productive, flexible back-end for Excel worksheets.

Power-user Power-user gives you an arsenal of powerful tools for Excel (and PowerPoint):

  • New chart types, Mekkos and Sankeys to help you make great dashboards
  • Cleaning tools for your workbook, removing merged or empty cells, formula redundancies, etc.
  • 30 new Excel functions such as Sum_color, Count_color, Is_merged, Vlookup_Max, CAGR, Weighted_Average, Count_Unique as well as Stock financial functions Training: AMT Training are a global provider of Excel financial modelling training courses, to clients throughout the global banking and finance sectors. An online excel training course covering Excel from beginners to advanced Level

Virtual Forms for Excel Build data lookup Forms & Master-Detail data input Forms for Excel without coding in minutes. Create tables in Excel, scan them with Virtual Form Designer and your Excel desktop database application is ready.

Free Excel Templates at A collection of over 200 free Excel templates for any occasion imaginable. Calendars, planners, timesheets, finance and accounting documents, charts and dashboards, and other documents for productivity, business, study, and private life.

Compute Expert - Excel Consultancy, Training, and Tutorial Blog: Nice blog with beginner type posts about Excel Spreadsheet Planet is an educational website where you can find tons of tutorials on how to use Microsoft Excel efficiently. It covers a wide range of topics such as basic and advanced tips/tricks, formulas, functions, Pivot Table, charting, formatting, data analysis, etc. It's managed by Steve, who is a data analyst and a spreadsheet geek.

Power Pivot for Excel Tutorial: A good intro article on Power Pivot with Top Use Cases and Examples.

Dutch sites

Luc Heyndrickx's site: Interesting downloads and valuable lessons on Excel, all in Dutch. Blog of Excel experts Nederland

Excel MVP sites

This is a list maintained by fellow MVP teylyn. Note that you can filter and sort this list directly on this page!

VBADiff by Technicana: VBADiff reads your VBA Projects and compares their contents, to show you the differences in the VBA code. Just drag-and-drop two documents into VBADiff - any modules with different code appear in red. Any new or renamed modules appear in blue. Double-click on a module to see a comparison of the code using your favourite code Diff tool.

Convert PDF to Excel Online: A free tool to convert pdf files to Excel files. Very easy to use!

Able2Extract offers you the capability to extract data from pdf files so you can easily incorporate the information into Office documents. has over 50 Excel add-ins that make Excel easier to use and save you time, plus downloadable books (full of examples) on how to write Excel macros. The add-ins range from the Spreadsheet Assistant, which adds many time saving features to Excel, to specialized add-ins like the Risk Analyzer and Duplicate Finder.

Easy Unit Converter Need to convert your data to another unit? This site has them all!

Synkronizer: Commercial Add-in to track differences between Excel files.

DuplicatesRemover: The DuplicatesRemover finds and removes duplicates from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Computergaga Excel Tutorials: Excel guides and quizzes aimed at the Excel beginner through to an advanced level.

MTools Ultimate Excel Add-In: The Excel Add-in MTools Ultimate is the essential software, that significantly enhances the capabilities of Excel. It provides the users with a broad and carefully selected collection of time-saving tools. Even Excel novices will make spreadsheets significantly faster and more reliable than many Excel experts. Use MTools and impress your boss with the speed and the reliability of your work or enjoy your newly gained free time by finishing your job faster than expected.

PDF to Excel: On-line tool to convert PDF files to Excel files

The home page: A site hosted and maintained by MVP's, containing many links to MVP's and a wealth of information, including the Word FAQ.

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional: The official Microsoft site about the MVP program.

OpenGate Software - Microsoft Access Tools: Great tools for Access Developers


Online Math degrees: A blog article with one hundred links to statistical sites. Highly recommended!

Data science textbook: The most comprehensive statistics guide I know of (formerly know as "the Statsoft Electronic Statistics Textbook").

Online Math and Stats Calculators: This website provides a variety of online calculators, such as math and statistics, engineering and conversion calculators.