Creating webpages with Excel Web App mashups

With Excel 2010, Microsoft also introduced the possibility to edit Excel documents on-line, using the "Excel Web App". If you have a live account, you can place an Excel 2010 file on your Onedrive. Anyone who has access to that skydrive folder can then open that Excel file on-line and edit it in the browser. Moreover, you can also embed that same Excel file on any web page.

Here is an example:

Very recently, the Excel team has expanded on this idea and enabled us to use JavaScript to "talk" to the embedded Excel Web App object. This way you are enabled to create so-called Mashups of Excel Web apps and other data sources.
How this works and what else is possible is shown on the next pages of this article:

Table Of Contents

  1. Preparations
  2. JavaScript
  3. Web controls
  4. Demo with controls
  5. Dynamic demo
  6. Conclusion