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NavigatorXL - take control:

NavigatorXL ends the spreadsheet chaos and smoothens the path for really value-added business intelligence solutions.

If any of the following situations apply, consider NavigatorXL!

  • Regularly distribute updated spreadsheets throughout your business organization.
  • Secure your spreadsheets so department managers are only allowed to see their department's data.
  • Combine multiple data sources into one spreadsheet.
  • Local spreadsheet with updated budgets need to be combined with actual data from your corporate system.
  • Collect updated forecast figures entered in a sales pipeline spreadsheet.
  • Create an Excel form (expense report, timesheet...) and collect and share the data centrally.
  • Continuously reformatting / retyping the output of monthly reports, so that you can use the data in Excel.

NavigatorXL requires no infrastructural changes! It is a webservice in your Oracle database with an Excel Add-in. The Excel Add-in is developed by JKP Application Development Services and is part of NavigatorXL.

Here are a couple of screenshots of the Excel user interface.