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Update: RefTreeAnalyser
RefTreeAnalyser has just been updated to version 3.1, build 207. Fixed error on hard-coded number cells when sheet has no formulas. Improved performance of selecting nodes in the precedents tree. Fixed issue when running off-sheet references on a workbook with workbook protection.
Fri, 19 Apr 2024 10:15:00 GMT
Office Script, more examples
I have added an example to my Office script examples page: how to filter a date column in a table for dates older than today.
Thu, 21 Mar 2024 10:50:00 GMT

Excel Experts Nederland

Excel Expert Nederland Blog
Bereiknamen beheren in Excel online
Gebruik je bereiknamen, maar ben je soms gedwongen om in Excel on-line te werken? Dan heb ik goed nieuws, je kunt nu mijn Name Manager downloaden en in Excel on-line bereiknamen beheren, maken en bewerken! Zie https://jkp-ads.com/excel-name-manager-js.asp
Tue, 02 Jan 2024 13:14:18 +0000

Daily Dose Of Excel

By Dick Kusleika (et al)
Navigating Outlook Favorites
I have these four favorites defined in Outlook: From the inbox, I could hit Shift+F6 to get into the Favorites area but sometimes I would end up in no man’s land and couldn’t figure out how to get back into the inbox. So, god forbid, I had to use my mouse. I wrote this macro: […]
Thu, 23 Mar 2023 20:41:08 +0000

The Ken Puls Blog

By Ken Puls
Monkey Shorts

In case you missed it, I've been posting free video content over on our Skillwave Training YouTube channel.  In addition to a new series of monthly "Ask Skillwave" sessions that I'm hosting with my good friend Matt Allington of Excelerator … Continue reading

The post Monkey Shorts appeared first on The Excelguru Blog.

Thu, 24 Feb 2022 19:42:55 +0000

PTS Blog

By Jon Peltier

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Contextures Blog

By Debrah Dalgleish
Data Validation Selection Popup Tool – Contextures
With the free Data Validation Select Popup (DVSP) tool from Contextures, you can add popup lists to Excel workbooks. Set the rules you’d like for the pop-up lists — allow single item selection in some columns, and allow multi-selection in other columns. You can even let people add new items to some lists – if … Continue reading "Data Validation Selection Popup Tool – Contextures"
Thu, 07 Mar 2024 06:01:00 +0000

Microsoft Excel blog on TechCommunity

By various Authors
What's New in Excel (March 2024)

Welcome to our March 2024 update. 

This month, export to CSV and show details in PivotTables are now available in Excel for the web. Also, creating Power BI-connected tables is available in Excel for the web users, as well as Office Scripts for Office 365 E1 and F3 licenses.

Excel for Web:

  1. Export to CSV
  2. Create Power BI Connected Tables in Excel
  3. Show Details in PivotTables #FIA
  4. Office Scripts for Office 365 E1 and F3 Licenses

Excel for Web

1. Export to CSV

The ability to export to CSV is now available to all Web users. This experience was already supported for Windows, and Mac users and we’ve now expanded this service to all Web users. Take advantage of this lightweight file format in Excel for the Web to exchange and use data between apps and across platforms. Read more here >
Export to CSVExport to CSV
2. Create Power BI Connected Tables in Excel
A new Insert Table option is now available for the Power BI Datasets pane in Excel. It enables users to create a connected table directly in Excel. This streamlines the workflow of adding data and is friendlier to more Excel users. Create Power BI-connected tables is now available in Excel for the web – and Excel for Windows (Current Channel). Read more here >

Power BI Connected TablesPower BI Connected Tables


3. Show Details in PivotTables
We've added a new button on the ribbon under the 'PivotTable Analyze' tab called Show Details, this button allows you to drill into your PivotTables. Previously, you were able to double-click a value cell in the PivotTable and create a new table to further analyze the details for that value. This button makes this existing capability easier to find and use. This functionality was already available for Web users. 

4. Office Scripts for Office 365 E1 and F3 Licenses
Starting today you can find the Office Scripts feature set in the Automate tab on the Excel ribbon. Office Scripts is an automation platform in Excel that allows users with all levels of programming experience to automate their repetitive workflows. To get started, use the Action Recorder to record the actions you take in Excel. These actions are then translated into a script that you can run at any time. No programming experience required! Read more here >
Office ScriptsOffice Scripts



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