Fixing Docking Of Windows In The VBE

If you're a VBA programmer like me, you're probably picky about your window arrangements in the Visual Basic Editor. Sometimes it messes things up and it can be a challenge to get those windows where you want them.

First of all, you have to choose whether or not you want them to dock at all. Tools, options, Docking enables you to set that for each window separately:
Tools, Options, Docking tab for the VBE
Fig 1, Tools, Options, Docking tab for the VBE.

Suppose your window looks like this:
VBE window. Project explorer above Properties window
Fig 2, VBE window. Project explorer above Properties window.

and you want it to look like this:
VBE window. Project explorer below Properties window
Fig 3, VBE window. Project explorer below Properties window.

What do you do?

  • Double click the title bar of the project explorer (it will become a floating window)
  • Drag the center of the window back to the area where the Properties window is.
  • Keep moving until the thickness of the window border changes to a thin line
  • Now move downwards until you're almost at the bottom of the VBE window. The shape of the window should change.
  • Let go.

Since a picture says more than a 1000 words and a movie is worth a 1000 pictures, I've recorded my movements while doing these things. Move your mouse (or tap) on the two GIF's below to see them animate

Here is how you dock the VBA project explorer where you want it
Docking the project explorer window

Here is how you dock the VBA project explorer where you want it
Docking the watch window

Sometimes, one of the windows disappears completely. This may be caused by a change in screen resolution, but I've heard of inexplicable disappearances too. To fix that, follow these steps:

  • Open the VBE and select Tools, Options
  • Select the Docking tab and make sure the window in question has no checkmark in that tab
  • Close the options window and select Window, Cascade.
  • Now open the Options dialog again and check the docking property of the window you just (hopefully) got back.
  • Drag it to where you want it docked.


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Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (7-12-2006 22:51:42) deeplink to this comment

Hi Dennis,

You should know: there is no such thing as a stupid question, just silly answers and bad software!

I use <a target="_blank" href="">Snagit</a> for doing all my screenshots, it can also do screen movies.

Comment by: Rickard Olsson (5-3-2007 04:15:33) deeplink to this comment

Agree I was suprised about the loading time of the video. But when it finally arrived I understood directly what to do. Thanks, I have tried hard for a quarter of an hour without making it. So Google and you helped me. Now I am back on track!

Comment by: jim (26-4-2007 11:59:30) deeplink to this comment

It's official. You're the best. I couldn't find the properties window. Some how it had gotten undocked and it was mostly unseen to the right of my monitor. I minimized the VBE and was able to see a sliver of the properties window. Thanks for the help!!

Comment by: Wendy (27-11-2007 12:36:46) deeplink to this comment

Cool. I did not use the exact method described, but did borrow the ideas of it to get my Immediate and Locals windows back into their docking places! Thanks a lot!

Comment by: AN (3-7-2008 09:49:08) deeplink to this comment

Thank you. I think you saved my sanity.

Comment by: donna (2-12-2008 16:03:12) deeplink to this comment

You ARE the best! I would have never figured out the dockable problem myself for the hidden properties window. I had actually looked under options but would have never related the problem to this. I was about ready to reinstall office. Thank you!

Comment by: John (16-2-2009 13:31:29) deeplink to this comment

Thanks for this post. I searched high and low to figure out how to get my VBA Editor windows back to normal. I've now book marked this page.

Comment by: Redman (29-10-2009 18:29:21) deeplink to this comment

Fantastic page. Lost so much time trying to find the answer to this question. Thanks so much for sharing this with the world. : )

Comment by: AK (3-11-2009 06:06:20) deeplink to this comment

I undocked and then redocked my properties and project explorer window, now the code window seems to not resize automatically to size according to the window.. that is it still occupies the entire space, and the Project explorer /Properties window floats above the code window.. how can I get it back to normal

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (3-11-2009 14:10:10) deeplink to this comment

Hi AK,

What happens if you doubleclick the titlebar of the code window?
Alternatively, you could select Window, Cascade to have all code windows fit in the blank area next to the project explorer.

Comment by: AK (5-11-2009 22:49:29) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jan,
I got it back to normal by dragging the project explorer to the extreme left of the screen, though now , the properties window doesn't dock with the project explorer and ditto for the immediate window. I even reinstalled MS office but it doesn't work. My company settings do not allow me to do a RegEdit.. there has got to be a simple way of doing this

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (5-11-2009 23:18:46) deeplink to this comment

Hi AK,

Are their dock settings checked?

Comment by: Tony (24-11-2009 19:22:01) deeplink to this comment

Thank you! This drove me crazy until I found your page.

Comment by: Bjorn Brechan (23-2-2010 05:40:23) deeplink to this comment

No matter what I do of the above suggestions, the Project explorer window and the properties window will only dock horizontally at the bottom or top. And yes, it seems like a very silly question - but it is anoying not to have an overview like one used to have....

Please help!


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (23-2-2010 08:36:39) deeplink to this comment

Hi Bjorn,

Doesn't the video help?

Comment by: Garry (21-5-2010 17:14:59) deeplink to this comment

I was frustrated so much that I couldn't dock back to where they were. Thank you very much!! Now, I know how to put them anywhere I want them. And, your movies help a lot, too.

Comment by: Jana (18-8-2010 15:59:36) deeplink to this comment

You have NO idea how long I have been terrified to rearrange my docking for fear I'd undock everything and never get it back.

You've done a fantastic job explaining, and the video got me over the minor hump of docking windows horizontally.

Thanks muchly!

Comment by: Kyle (1-10-2010 18:37:17) deeplink to this comment

Man, that took a long time for me to get that back. Your video helped so much. Microsoft's "help" is insufficient, but you have saved me hours. Thanks!

Comment by: NT (15-10-2010 13:48:22) deeplink to this comment

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Comment by: Hervé Thiriez (27-12-2010 14:11:01) deeplink to this comment

To Bjorn,

The trick is that, if you want to anchor the windows on the left, you must first reduce the VBE window. Otherwise, you cannot drag a window which is inside the VBE editor enough on the left (i.e. 50% outside of the VBE window) that you can see the thin line - which replaces the thick outline - with which you may relocate and anchor the active window.

Comment by: Chris (16-2-2011 03:11:58) deeplink to this comment

Thanks very much for this info.
I couldn't rename a module but using your trick of Options/Docking and undocking the Properties window I was able to rename the module in the floating Properties window. However, when I set the docling option back to docked the Properties window disappears again.
I am using Office 2002. I have MZ Tools installed so I don't know if that is significant. I don't program Excel much these days, I'm an Access nut so I don't how long I've had this problem.
Any ideas why the Properties still disappears??
Again, many thanks for the work-around.

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (16-2-2011 04:33:46) deeplink to this comment

Hi Chris,

To get a window back which is not docked, make sure the dock checkbox for that window is unchecked.
Then close all module windows (to avoid clutter).
FInally, select Window, Tile Horizontally (or Vertically). The windows should now all be available for resizing and repositioning.

Comment by: Chris (16-2-2011 04:50:31) deeplink to this comment

Yes, this is what I did the first time around but I prefer to have it docked because I always work with the module pane maximised. So with a floating Properties window it fills the module pane. If I dock it, it disappears again.
It sounds like I'm stuck with it undocked.
Thanks for your time and efforts.

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (16-2-2011 05:48:03) deeplink to this comment

Hi Chris,

Are you sure the window isn't there, maybe it just has a very small width or height? After setting it to dock again, check the edges of your VBE screen, maybe there is a very narrow or very short window stashed away in a corner?

Comment by: Chris (16-2-2011 06:33:30) deeplink to this comment

You're a genius!!!!!

The left edge looked just like a frame but in fact was my Properties window.
Thank you, thank you, thank you :o)
This was driving me nuts because I teach this stuff so I'm expected to be the expert but I couldn't solve my own problem. We all learn a little every day.
Well done, that's great.

Comment by: Hilfy (15-3-2011 13:05:43) deeplink to this comment

Thank you so much for that helpful information!

Comment by: John (9-8-2011 15:27:28) deeplink to this comment

I change the docking, and set the windows just the way I want them. But Access does not remember my settings and changes them all back when I close and reopen my database. How do I get Access to remember my last settings and keep them?

Comment by: R L Jeffcoat (17-8-2011 10:52:38) deeplink to this comment

Thanks for a clear explanation of a useful but poorly documented feature. This is a very helpful site!

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (22-8-2011 02:42:32) deeplink to this comment

Hi John,

I'm afraid I wouldn't know how Access handles this!

Comment by: mesh (2-9-2011 15:56:51) deeplink to this comment

how do you prevent the Microsoft Excel Objects menu opening up all the time? it's very annoying

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (4-9-2011 23:01:01) deeplink to this comment

Hi Mesh,

Not sure what you are referring to. Do you mean the Object browser in the VBA editor?

Comment by: mesh (5-9-2011 02:53:50) deeplink to this comment

Thanks Jan,

not the object browser, the project explorer windows on the left hand side, the one with cascading folders:
+ VBAProject(filename.xlsm)
+ Microsoft Excel Objects
    + Sheet1
    + ...etc
+ Forms
+ Modules
+ Class Modules

the first menu opens whenever you browse away from the VBA Editor and so if you have more than a few sheets you have to scroll down all the time.

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (5-9-2011 02:59:18) deeplink to this comment

Hi Mesh,

A workbook's VBA project opens in the state it was in when you saved the workbook. To ensure a workbook opens in collapsed state in the project explorer, you must close all code windows, then collaps the project and then save the file. Another way is to set a password on the VBProject.

Comment by: Paul (23-9-2011 09:57:08) deeplink to this comment

Big Thanks.

My VBA windows docking got screwed up and I just couldn't resolve it until I read your article!!!!

Comment by: Geoff Morris (25-10-2011 06:43:28) deeplink to this comment


Even following your instructions it took me a good ten minutes to force the damned things back into their proper docking positions! The project pane kept insisting on filling the window width or the project and properties panes would both become ten characters thick and stuck side-by-side etc. There's really something wrong with the way this "works"...

Anyway, I came here because I am one of those who had an inexplicable screw-up to start with... in my case, the main menu and toolbars simply disappeared! While trying to fix this I accidently closed the projects pane and then all hell broke loose... (The menu and toolbars came back when I closed and re-opened the editor.)

Comment by: David (28-2-2012 16:28:44) deeplink to this comment

Must agree with so many others.

A feature that's great to use, but so easily destroyed.

Then you/I forget how to get it back

Comment by: David Byrne (28-2-2012 16:32:22) deeplink to this comment


Have worked just in Excel/VBA since Quattro-Pro days.

Have recently solved issues of graphics transfer that failed in 2010/2007 with 2003 code.

More details if required/interested.

Loss of Pull-Down menus one of biggest failings of post 2003 versions!!



Comment by: philxt (6-3-2012 13:50:50) deeplink to this comment

many thanks - being trying for weeks to get my default VBA windows back, all previous suggestions no use at all. You're explanation help me sort the problem but more importantly helped me understand how to change the windows in future

Comment by: Justin (25-3-2012 22:56:30) deeplink to this comment

Thanks for the guide, it was killing me trying to get the view back in order. You got me in the right direction very quick.

Thanks for taking the time.


Comment by: Jam C (13-6-2012 10:48:45) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jan. I use VBA via iFix, rather than an Office application. Annoyingly it does not retain workspace settings on closing. On servers with Office you can get round this by setting up your workspace in Office VBA first, and then iFix will use it. But on the server we mainly develop on there is no Office installed so every day it's:
1.     add the Edit toolbar
2.     drag it up to dock with the other toolbars
3.     dock the Properties window on the right and
4.     resize the Project Explorer window,
which all gets a bit tedious.

I've tried tinkering in the Registry as it appears the settings are saved there by Office, but it's a bit hit and miss, as I can't tell which key to alter.

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (13-6-2012 11:52:05) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jam,

I expect the settings for the VBE are found here:

(Excel up to 2007)

or here:

(Excel 2010 and up)

You could try exporting that part of the registry from a system with the settings you like and then importing that reg file in the iFix environment.

Comment by: Jam C (13-6-2012 16:07:52) deeplink to this comment

Thanks Jan, I exported that key from a server with Office and imported into my own HKEY_USERS id equivalent path (so as not affect anyone else on the server), and it did the trick.

In your face, GEFanuc, company behind iFix, who's support team told me it couldn't be done!

Now to get on with my life...

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (13-6-2012 16:17:30) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jam,

Could you perhaps point GEFanuc to this page?

Comment by: Dennis (17-6-2012 16:41:55) deeplink to this comment

Perfect....A real help

Comment by: Les (6-8-2012 18:17:10) deeplink to this comment

I've been coding in Excel VBA for 15 years and a few times over the years I have accidentally changed my Immediate and locals windows. I've never found a method to correct and until now just had to live with it...but no more...

Comment by: Nigel (16-8-2012 10:49:45) deeplink to this comment


I too have been using VBA for many years and have struggled to re-dock the properties window in particular on several frustrating occasions!

Warm thanks


Comment by: Eve (27-8-2012 23:20:08) deeplink to this comment

Thanks, Helps so much to make one feel comfortable

Comment by: Lisa Green (8-11-2012 16:21:39) deeplink to this comment


I have a userform open in the VBE.
There is a button to toggle resizing to three different sizes.. Min/Max/Run where Run is a portion of the userform.
When the user clicks the button I'd like the top left of the userform to stay where it is but can't seem to get it to do that :-(

Canyou help please? Remember the userform is in the VBE.


Comment by: Bob F. (14-12-2012 07:59:42) deeplink to this comment

Thank you for the videos! I had been trying ti figure out how to dock my immediate and locals window side by side on the bottom for ages. Cheers!

Comment by: Jean Paget (26-8-2013 10:12:57) deeplink to this comment

Wow! THANK YOU, thank you, thank you! It took some doing but finally found the position to dock it. Would never have achieved this without watching the video.

Comment by: Edward Cross (2-9-2013 18:18:56) deeplink to this comment

When I dock the VBA Project and Properties windows they always fill the full width of the VBA Editor Window leaving only a small height for anything else. Before making these windows dockable they are of any width that I choose to make them. How do I get them stay less than full width or how can I adjust the width as necessary after docking them?

Comment by: Edward Cross (2-9-2013 19:42:49) deeplink to this comment

I spent some more time with it and found that I could click and hold at the right side of a window, Project or Properties, which extended across the full width of the VBA page and pull the windows into smaller, narrower windows and move a window down to dock it below the other.



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (3-9-2013 10:26:15) deeplink to this comment

Hi Edward,

Glad you got it solved!

Comment by: Jean (17-9-2013 19:58:26) deeplink to this comment


I followed the instructions but could not get it to work, then I followed the video and realised I had to go way down further that I would have expected - like you said, a picture paints a thousand words!

Comment by: jaime (25-9-2013 00:11:06) deeplink to this comment

Your explanation and the video were very clear and simple. Together they were great great help.

Comment by: michele (2-10-2013 19:26:57) deeplink to this comment


Comment by: Gary (18-12-2013 21:39:07) deeplink to this comment

This doesn't help me - my project window covers entire upper half of the screen, all the other windows are across the screen below that horizontally. I am trying to get back to the views being vertical as they are shown above

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (19-12-2013 09:40:28) deeplink to this comment

Hi Gary,

Check out the docking settings in tools, options and comapre them to the ones I set in the article, are they set the same?

Comment by: Rusty (8-3-2014 18:39:10) deeplink to this comment

As your pictures show I got the Project and Properties windows on the left side fixed (docked) but as soon as I open the area to write my code (the dark grey area in pictures) the sheet to put the code in, it comes up as a retangular window across the whole are, then I have to keep resizing it to fit into that dark grey area.

What am I doing wrong


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (8-3-2014 19:00:06) deeplink to this comment

Hi Rusty,

Can't you simply maximise the code window?

Comment by: Rusty (9-3-2014 08:19:09) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jan.
Yes I can do but that fills the full screen and I like to have the Project and Properties on the left side all the time as it was previously before something went wrong and Im sitting with the problem I have. It becomes frustrating to resize the code sheet or other userform sheets all the time. I know it can be fixed if you go into the registry but things can go wrong.

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (9-3-2014 21:33:39) deeplink to this comment

Hi Rusty,

I would check the options window again, see if the docking settings are as I show on this page.

Comment by: Rusty (10-3-2014 18:52:55) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jan

I reopened the file with the workbook I'm working on, right clicked the sheet to veiw the code, used the option and docking options unclicked all tics saved the workbook, exited it and reopened clicked the sheet for the code to tic (locking) the docking boxes one by one to see what developes, and low behold the project and properties was on the left side of screen and the code writing area was as it should be. I saved, closed it, reopened and there it was everything as it should be, all working well, no tics in the docking boxes.
Thanks for the help, go well

Comment by: David (15-5-2014 16:53:27) deeplink to this comment

Can we dock the ToolBox, as I move around and i have 2 monitors, I keep loosing the Toolbox.
Thanks, David

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (16-5-2014 00:37:09) deeplink to this comment

Hi David,

I don't think you can, at least I couldn't find a way to dock it.

Comment by: Bernd (7-6-2014 15:01:00) deeplink to this comment

Your article did help me up to a point, because now I can at least see the Immediate Window at the same time as the code of the macro. Thank your for this!!

However, no matter what I do, the moment I uncheck the docking for the Immediate Window this window disappears, and it is *not* very small, it really does disappear.

Still desperate (because I now also see all the macros in the workbook and the personal... ) and have to close them one by one, before I can start working.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (10-6-2014 08:53:14) deeplink to this comment

Hi Bernd,

There is a trick to do this using mouse and keyboard. It takes a bit of fiddling.

On any window, hit Alt+space to open the system menu. There should be a move command and it has an underlined letter. In English Windows this is the M. If you press the M and subsequently one of the arrow keys just once, the window in question is put into the move state, at which point you can use your mouse to position it. Drag it to where it is needed and click once with your mouse.
Control+g, alt+space, M, down arrow, drag mouse, click.

Comment by: M Davidson (14-7-2014 19:14:03) deeplink to this comment


Comment by: Greg (8-10-2014 17:53:35) deeplink to this comment

Thank you. I did something to un-dock my properties window and it wasn't until this piece that I understood what happened and how to fix it. Thanks again.

Comment by: Chris (17-12-2014 08:21:41) deeplink to this comment

Thanks a lot!

Comment by: Ginna (26-1-2015 09:11:00) deeplink to this comment

It took me a couple of tries, but finally worked. Thanks so much! Did you ever imagine that your "tip" written in 2006 would still help people in 2015?

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (27-1-2015 07:21:44) deeplink to this comment

Hi Gina,

Good to hear that! The tip will continue to help people for as long as Microsoft will not update the VBA editor, which I expect is going to be a looooong time :-)

Comment by: Sam (2-2-2015 02:43:55) deeplink to this comment

"Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (6/10/2014 8:53:14 AM)
Control+g, alt+space, M, down arrow, drag mouse, click."

Oh my goodness. This worked. You are amazing. I lost my Properties Window months ago and no matter what I searched for, every topic said "Oh, you turned off Docking, turn it back on again."
I found it like 3 inches outside the boundary of my monitor. I would have literally never found it without you!

Thank you again!

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (2-2-2015 10:49:03) deeplink to this comment

Hi Sam,

:-) Glad I was able to help!

Comment by: Francisco (24-2-2015 07:42:53) deeplink to this comment

I was trying to this for since January. Thank you!!!!!

Comment by: KRH (5-3-2015 19:24:21) deeplink to this comment

Genious! Thanks so much :-)

Comment by: zvika (8-3-2015 13:33:01) deeplink to this comment


Comment by: Will (19-3-2015 15:27:03) deeplink to this comment


Comment by: manny (8-4-2015 14:44:42) deeplink to this comment

I love you. Same as above. Screwed up my docking and spent 20 minutes looking for an anser till I got here. Thanks! :)

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (8-4-2015 15:58:20) deeplink to this comment

Hi Manny,


Comment by: Jens (14-5-2015 08:52:38) deeplink to this comment

Hi, just by following some of the questions my sanity has been restored - GREAT!!!

Comment by: Genesius (1-6-2015 15:23:58) deeplink to this comment

Great information.
Do you know if there is a fix for the variables disappearing in the Watch window each time F8 (or F5 with a break) is pressed?
Is this just a bug that MS sees as not a problem?
Thanks in advance and God Bless,

Comment by: Matt (4-6-2015 02:03:52) deeplink to this comment

Thank you for the info about docking within the VBE window!

My "OCD" extends beyond that, though; I want to place my VBE in a 50%-pane on the right half of the screen, and put the Excel spreadsheet in a 50%-pane on the left half. With two spreadsheets, you can easily do this with the "View > Arrange All > Vertical". However, this does not set the Excel Spreadsheet and VBE windows side-by-side.

Is there a way that I can easily do this without having to use my trackpad to slowly drag & resize the windows (which is both time consuming and annoying!)?



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (4-6-2015 07:22:33) deeplink to this comment

Hi Matt,

If you have Windows 7 or up you can hold down the windows key and then press the left arrow to position any window on the left half of the screen. Similarly, use the right arrow key to position a window on the right half. Dragging a window with your mouse also works this way.

Comment by: Cunnial (15-6-2015 22:23:08) deeplink to this comment

Legend... That is all.

Comment by: tjf (23-9-2015 04:52:45) deeplink to this comment

You are a genius!!!!

Comment by: Tahir (30-11-2015 01:04:17) deeplink to this comment

hi there,

how can I move objects i.e. textbox using keyboard arrow keys on form while designing and aligning objects on the form?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (30-11-2015 12:06:14) deeplink to this comment

Hi Tahir,

I don't think you can actually. But there is a nifty tool by Stephen Bullen which enables you to move controls very precisely. it is called VBE Tools and is available through hiw site .

Comment by: Seb (28-12-2015 02:04:27) deeplink to this comment

Your comment here:

saved me! Thank you!

Comment by: Mark W. Stump (13-1-2016 14:44:44) deeplink to this comment

Thank you Jan Karel :-)

I have come to this page several times when I forget how to unscrew what I accidently drug around. Very handy tips indeed!

Thanks again,


Comment by: Rodolfo Castro (26-2-2016 03:35:46) deeplink to this comment

When I click on the VB editor I get a page with my macros, no toolbar. If I right click on that page I get a few commands, and very difficult to use. I am using Excel10 and I recently "upgraded" to Windows 10, from Windows7, where I never had any problems like missing VBA toolbars. I am at a total loss. What can I do?

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (26-2-2016 14:31:48) deeplink to this comment

Hi Rodolfo,

If you have access to your registry, you could try this:

- Close ALL VBA Editor windows. Better yet, close all Office applications.
- Open the registry editor (regedit.exe)
- Navigate to this key:


- Right-click it to export it (select your desktop to make it easy to find it).
- Find an item on the right called "UI" and delete it.
- Open Excel and the VBA editor
- If that fixed things you're done of course. If not, you may consider double-clicking the registry backup file to restore the key.

Comment by: Helen Rolls (26-8-2016 01:11:24) deeplink to this comment

Thanks. Not being able to dock the Immediate Pane after accidentally undocking it has been driving me nuts!

Comment by: Chris (17-11-2016 01:12:52) deeplink to this comment

Ten years on and your advice is still helping out! Many thanks JK!

Comment by: saeid (4-12-2016 11:29:25) deeplink to this comment


Comment by: Itunu (9-2-2017 05:46:52) deeplink to this comment

Thanks for this actually. Sometimes you never know how helpful this is.

Great Job.

Comment by: Sajith Sudhi (13-3-2017 18:39:42) deeplink to this comment

you are a life saver. That video really helped me. Thank you so much

Super Job.

Comment by: Mandora (9-4-2017 21:56:09) deeplink to this comment

Even with video help could not get panes to anchor properly in Excel 10 VBA.

Exported HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VBA\7.0\Common from another computer and imported into wayward Excel. Problem solved!!

Note: Saved above key to Excel_VBA_Dock_Fixit and saved file for future use.

Comment by: Harikiran (19-6-2017 14:05:14) deeplink to this comment


Where can i find resources which can help me start, understand and subsequently code in VBA to automate few processes in outlook and excel.

ThanQ in advance, appreciate the time!

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (20-6-2017 10:05:30) deeplink to this comment

Hi Harikiran,

Not easy to answer. The way people learn is personal. For example, I prefer to learn by trying to do things on real projects rather than some made-up example with no use.
I also prefer to have my information in writing and not in video so you'll never see me watching a youtube video to learn things about Excel or VBA. I'll grab a book and go from there.

Comment by: khan (8-7-2017 15:09:39) deeplink to this comment

Thanks alot man my problem has been solved..Thanksss alot

Comment by: Thomas (12-9-2017 11:36:44) deeplink to this comment

Now I can put my object browser on my third screen, thanks!

Comment by: Mompo (4-12-2017 01:24:58) deeplink to this comment

This is very helpful!!! saves my day!

Comment by: Hilary (24-1-2018 15:40:19) deeplink to this comment

Sir, Thank you

Some one opens my worksheet and goes to the editor to unhide very hidden worksheet through the view code option of the sheet. How can I lock the VB editor which has no macro, no project at all? - Exccel7-10

Would appreciate knowledge

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (25-1-2018 09:34:34) deeplink to this comment

Hi Hilary,

I'm afraid you can only achieve that by saving the file as an xlsm file and then password-protecting the VBA project.

Comment by: Eric Hofer (1-6-2018 13:43:09) deeplink to this comment

Regarding the immediate window disappearing. Could it be that you've changed your screen configuration? Perhaps you had 2 monitors and now you're on just 1?

If so, and you're sure that the Immediate Window is turning on, but just not visible, it could be out of the viewable area. But it's likely still "Active." Given that, use the standard Windows tools and move it via the keyboard.

1) Hold down the ALT key and press SPACEBAR.
2) Press M (for Move).
3) Now use the arrow keys to move it until it appears.
4) When it's in the right position, press ENTER.

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (1-6-2018 16:55:12) deeplink to this comment


Often using the cursor keys to get the window into view is hard because you don't know which direction to go.

Solution: hit any of the arrow keys just once and then grab the mouse and move it. The window will come with the pointer, which never leaves the edges of your screen

Comment by: CassieGriffin (1-11-2018 20:50:18) deeplink to this comment

window arrangements are a way to keep in manage window and docking is stop its work and we face several trouble but after reading your post, I am able to solve this issue. Check it for window error

Comment by: Ks (20-12-2018 04:45:09) deeplink to this comment

"Microsoft Visual Basic - Book1" Window does not hold the "Project-VBA & Properties windows" within but stands out. How to fix please?

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (20-12-2018 11:11:14) deeplink to this comment

Hi Ks,

Just drag the window to where you want it to be.

Comment by: AmyK (1-4-2019 19:44:57) deeplink to this comment

Thank you, just...thank you.

Comment by: Salim (25-8-2019 15:17:00) deeplink to this comment


Is it possible to dock a control in a UserForm frame control??? When scrolling inside this frame, this control stays put (frozen), does not move up or down but moves only when scrolling sideways left and right. Perhaps API function can acheive this??

Comment by: david1392 (11-9-2019 09:43:00) deeplink to this comment

Thanks for sharing it is important for me, I'm just started VBA programming. I also searched for that from here

Comment by: mark65 (19-9-2019 14:57:00) deeplink to this comment

I had the same issue and your solution worked for me as well.

Comment by: Charell Kaan (18-5-2020 14:01:00) deeplink to this comment

Thanks for sharing it is important for me, I'm just started VBA programming.

Comment by: alex (5-6-2020 20:09:00) deeplink to this comment

thank you.

Comment by: Tom Stranger-Johannessen (21-6-2020 16:00:00) deeplink to this comment


Comment by: 14 years late (6-12-2020 16:51:00) deeplink to this comment

Your video deserve a Nobel prize. Thanks!

Comment by: James (3-3-2022 16:18:00) deeplink to this comment

Thank you very much for sharing.
Though it wasn't a big deal, it was very annoying to me.
I could never figure this out myself.
Thank you!

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (3-3-2022 16:31:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jim,

Glad it proved helpful!

Comment by: Nate (25-3-2022 07:19:00) deeplink to this comment

Is there a way to put them side by side instead of stacked?

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (25-3-2022 11:57:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Nate,

Yes, but how precisely depends on whether you want them side-by side in the vertical pane or at the bottom or top in a horizontal fashion. Pay attention to the shape of the "window" you see while you're dragging it, it tries to tell you how it will drop.

Comment by: PAUL H HOSSLER (3-6-2022 15:13:00) deeplink to this comment

In the editor, I used to have the Watch and/or Immediate windows docked and shown as 'Tiles' so that they were at the bottom of the screen and not floating over the module window.

Now when I open them with docked = checked, they still float.

How can I get them to tile at the bottom like they used to?


Comment by: PAUL H HOSSLER (3-6-2022 15:23:00) deeplink to this comment

Update if you're interested

Deleted this


from the registry, opened an Office app, and the watch and immediate windows are now tiles and back where they belong (or at least where I like them)

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (3-6-2022 19:50:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Paul,

I was going to suggest something like that. Glad you got it sorted

Comment by: Alvaro Frederico Ramos Pompeia (15-3-2023 17:31:00) deeplink to this comment

Excel project, properties, immediate windows are docked. The code of all userforms are floating and over the project and properties. Selecting maximized on a form it occupies all screen and vbe stay behind it.
(Sorry, English is not my native language).

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (15-3-2023 17:43:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Ramos,

Try what is described in this comment by Paul:

Comment by: dave (20-3-2023 23:44:00) deeplink to this comment

thank you so much this was spot on and saved me from going nuts!

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (21-3-2023 11:31:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Dave,

You're welcome!

Comment by: Leandra Tel (3-8-2023 23:32:00) deeplink to this comment

I think this solution would solve my problem with the VBE docking. But, I am not a programmer or IT wizard. Therefore, my question: where and how can I apply this (comment by Paul 3-6-2022 15:23):

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (4-8-2023 11:21:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Leandra,

First, close all Office apps.

You can access the registry editor by clicking the Windows find box and typing regedit and pressing Enter. Then you can paste this


into its address bar. Hit Enter to get you there. On the right-hand side, find an entry called Dock. Right-click it and choose Delete. This can be done safely as the VBE recreates that key when it opens.

Comment by: Leandra Tel (8-8-2023 23:41:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the instruction to enter the registry editor. I was able to find and delete that entry. Unfortunately, the result wasn't what I hoped for. The windows in VBE don't dock nicely but are all separate, and when I add a new window, I must rearrange them manually. It was worth a try to solve it. I will have to get used to it, I guess.
Best, Leandra

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (9-8-2023 09:24:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Leandra,

What settings are checked in the VBE's Tools, Options, Dock tab? Mine has all but the last one checked.

Comment by: Norman Mahan (31-3-2024 22:57:00) deeplink to this comment

All of my VBA editor windows are undocked and I can't get any of them to do so. The proper boxes in Tools are checked. I've tried these instructions for over an hour and no luck. I'm running the latest version of Excel (Version 2404 Build 17521.200000 Click-to-run). Any thoughts?

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (2-4-2024 10:20:00) deeplink to this comment

Hi Norman,

Have you tried this:

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