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downloads for Microsoft Access

On this page you will find tools I created for Microsoft Access.


Do you like any of these tools? 

The files

Unless stated otherwise, the downloads listed on this page are free of charge.

Use at your own risk.

Back-end Backup Tool (Build 005, 10 May 2017, 191k, Downloaded: 12.468 times)

Do you have one or more split Access database systems which are permanently in use? Then you probably know you can't just copy their back-end files to create a backup of them as the copies might become corrupt. This database tool allows you to make scheduled backups for an unlimited amount of Access databases. The tool keeps three backup copies of each database it backs up.

Updated to build 005:

Credits: Thanks to Paul Connolly for adding the relationships code.

Works for Access 2003-2013 and Office 365. Separate 64 bit version included.

Access backup tool progress window

Progress window of backup tool.

Settings window of backup tool

Settings window of backup tool

Click here to request support or issue comments or suggestions on this product.


All comments about this page:

Comment by: Subba Reddy (30-12-2008 21:15:31)

I want to save the backup (Access tables) into excel format automatically every two hours. Please help me.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (31-12-2008 07:58:31)

Hi Subba,

I'm sorry, the tool does not provide that functionality.
It would not be too hard to implement that though, if you know a bit about Access VBA you can simply change my tool to fit your needs.


Jan Karel


Comment by: Tanmay (6-1-2009 03:23:15)

Hey Nice tool,

But its in access and requires access to use. Anyways you can provide an self executable exe?



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (6-1-2009 05:26:15)

Hi Tanmay,

I'm sorry to say I currently have no plans to create this tool as an exe file. If I recall correctly, you should be able to use the tool if you download the free Access viewer from Microsoft however.


Comment by: Samurai (15-2-2009 22:14:13)

Nice tool...

I will give it a try,


Comment by: mike nabors (18-2-2009 04:38:53)

I get an error that my database is not found. the link is correct what might be causing this.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (18-2-2009 04:58:46)

Hi Mike,

Did you use the browse button on the settings dialog to find the database to be backed up?
If so, could you post the full path and name of your database?


Comment by: Mark (19-2-2009 06:32:09)

Does this run in the background or does it need to be on the desktop to operate?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (19-2-2009 06:37:09)

Hi Mark,

It runs on the desktop.


Comment by: Alyssa Jones (3-4-2009 14:04:33)

I am trying to use the tool for an automatic backup of a secure database. When I try and run the backup, it runs into the Logon screen that asks for a name and can't get passed that screen. Do you know how to get by if a Logon is required?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (6-4-2009 00:46:14)

Hmm, the tool indeed does not cater for that situation.
Maybe in a next version.


Comment by: Ron Miller (17-5-2009 16:13:56)

My database is 185,836KB and this untily will only copy to max 2336KB which means my backup copy is of no good. How do I increase the amount to be copied?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (17-5-2009 22:05:17)

Hi Ron,

Odd, it should work. Have you tried compacting your database first?


Comment by: Donavan West (20-5-2009 15:58:34)

I am having a problem with the back up copies... when I convert them back to the mdb format they have no information in them... I also tried to copy the mods, forms and tables from the backup tool into the database im am trying to operate- so it will operate when i work on the database. However, when I do this, I can't find the copies when it finishes its backup. Is there anything I can do?


Comment by: willie (30-7-2009 20:46:42)

this is a nice one..
btw, what if i want to backup my database once in a month?
can i use windows scheduler to call on the application once in a month to perform a backup?
the plan is i want to create a bat file that call the backup tool and then use windows scheduler to run the bat file every once in a month.
how should i put the settings?



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (31-7-2009 03:16:53)

Hi Willie,

I do think you can do that, but you would have to include a macro in the tool yourself that fires off the backup process.

Then use the commandline when starting Access to fire off that macro.

You would also have to make sure security is set to low so Access does not prompt to open the file.


Comment by: Elizabeth (25-8-2009 11:58:44)

Love this tool but I'd like to know if there an easy edit to the ModBackup code to replace existing file instead of putting the word copy after it and keping the old file. reason i ask is i am using this to copy my master database from a network location that only I have full access for to another network folder where the users only have view access. I already have a network backup that runs every night. I mainly wanted to use this tool to save me some time in copying/pasting the various databases from their various master folders to the viewing folder.




Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (7-9-2009 09:58:16)

Hi Elizabeth,

You'd have to edit these lines in the sub called ExportTables in module modBackup:

        On Error Resume Next
        'we keep two copies of the backup, just to be on the safe side
        Kill sFileName & "(copy 2)"
        Name sFileName & "(copy 1)" As sFileName & "(copy 2)"
        Kill sFileName & "(copy 1)"
        Name sFileName As sFileName & "(copy 1)"

Change them to:

    Kill sFileName


Comment by: Frank Yan (26-9-2009 08:11:03)

Hello Sir/Madam:
I'm very glad to find this software as backup access automaticly for your website,It's very useful for me.
But I find the question for this software that it only export the Table part when it execute backup action.
I'm want have the software that it can export the whole database such as table,queries,forms,macro,moudules when it's export as backup file. Is it possible?
Would you like to give me this kind of founction softeware and I will be appreciate your strong support!
Best Reagard!


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (27-9-2009 01:59:20)

Hi Frank,

Indeed the tool does not do that. In general it is advised to keep data and logic of a database application separated: All data in a back-end database and everything else (reports, forms, queries, VBA) in a front-end database.
This tool is aimed at saving the back-end, as that is where the data is. The frontend is mostly relatively static and hance does not need much backups, only when a change has been made.


Comment by: Robert (4-11-2009 03:27:05)

Love the tool is very helpful. but does this form need to be open so that it can save a backup? also can more then one person have the form open as it is backing up the files?
as when i have it close it does not save a backup.



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (4-11-2009 06:41:24)

Hi Robert,

Indeed, the form needs to be open as long as you want it to create backup copies. I think having the tool open on two systems may not be wise. The tool might start the backup process on two separate machines at the same time. This will slow down your database considerably.


Comment by: Julia (2-2-2010 11:40:30)


Thanks for this tool - it's a life saver! I do have one question for you.

I'm pointing the tool to one particular Access 2007 database with four LINKED tables attached to it. (All other supporting tables within it are LOCAL.) The tool seems to choke because of those LINKED tables (located on same server but different directory/folder). I get the following error message:

Error Number: 3011
Error Source: listTable
Error Description: The Microsoft Office Access database engine could not find the opject '(table name)'. Make sure the object exists and that you spell its name and the path name correctly.

Will your tool not backup a database with linked tables or am I doing something wrong?



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (3-2-2010 00:03:05)

Hi Julia,

I have updated the tool so it ignores linked tables.


Comment by: Kellie Chenault (7-4-2010 08:42:51)

Hello. I've been using the older version of your back up database for several months with no problems. Now I'm getting a "Run time error 53" "File not found" whenever I try to run the back up. Whenever I run the debugger it highlights: Kill sFileName & "(copy 2)". I'm not sure why this is happening all of the sudden and I'm not very good with VB. I tried switching to the updated version of the back up database and still got the same error. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (7-4-2010 09:07:14)

Hi Kellie,

That is really odd, as the line just above the offending line of code is:

On Error Resume Next

And that should effectively prevent that error from happening in the first place.

Have you by any chance set "Break on all errors" in Tools, options of the VBA Editor?


Comment by: Kellie (7-4-2010 12:44:21)

Well I just feel silly now. I did have "break on all errors" set. Changing that fixed everything. Thank You!


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (7-4-2010 23:26:25)

Hi Kellie,

Don't worry, I'm just happy I could help you fix the problem.


Comment by: theo (25-5-2010 10:11:43)

Tools is absolutely wonderfull...thanks a lot...
I have one little problem, it looks that it takes backup all the access db except the forms, why?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (25-5-2010 23:42:19)

Hi Theo,

The tool was built specifically to backup data and database structure, not to backup logic.

With a split database system, you normally have all logic in the front-end database and just the data and structure in the back-end database.
The backend database gets all the changes. and the front-end only changes when the developer makes changes to a form, report, query, etcetera.

Usually, developers already have a copy of the front-end stashed away, so there is little point in backing up the logic.


Comment by: Bernard (18-6-2010 23:44:38)

Re your Access Backup tool (v4) ... nice idea, thank you for sharing. Just a couple of comments: first, it fails badly if the source file doesn't exist at the time the backup runs (if its been moved, for example) - in fact if I click "Cancel" on the dialog box that comes up then Access hangs completely. The fix is to extend the first IF test in ExportTables so that it explicitly tests for the file existing.

Possibly related to the way it failed: surely the second block of "Relations" code (three Calls) is in the wrong place? Should it not be inside the IF ... otherwise if the IF fails, the WriteRelationships function will be called when the SaveRelationships hasn't been.

Incidentally, I wanted to incorporate the code inside an existing Access program, so that it regularly backs up its own backend tables. This seems to work well - I just adapted frmBackupTables so that it is started from my startup routine and hidden ... then unhidden when you need it.

Can you think of any issues that are likely to arise from using it in this way? It seems to be working so far.

BTW - I've also added another option in the Settings to control how many backups are kept, rather than just fixing on 3, this works nicely.

Finally, I'm still something of a novice at this but I was puzzled by the slightly complicated way you handle the settings part of frmSettings, with all that code reading from the table to start with and then saving at the end. Would it not have been easier to create another form bound to tblSettings and then include that as a Subform on frmSettings?

Thanks again for sharing the code!


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (20-6-2010 22:34:03)

Hi Bernard,

Thanks for a load of valuable comments!
I can't think of a problem having the code inside the frontend application, apart from that it will make it stop responding for "real" work as long as it is doing the backup. When run from a separate Access instance, you can still work with the frontend (albeit that it will be slow when a backup runs).
I can't recall why I built the settings form like this, must have had a good reason :-)


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (20-6-2010 22:39:56)

Hi Bernard,

On the relationships code:
The first call stores the relationships of the source database in a table.
The second set of calls does this:
- Restore the relationships from the table to the copied database
- remove the relationships tables from both source and copy database.


Comment by: Julie (13-7-2010 09:08:10)

Just wanted to say that your tool is great. Thank you sooooo much for posting it :)


Comment by: Reid (2-8-2010 10:15:45)

When I choose my source file it says "Run time error'3326': This Recordset is not updateable"

Is there something I am doing wrong?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (16-8-2010 03:26:02)

Hi Reid,

Not sure what might be causing this. Maybe you do not have the proper rights to the database?


Comment by: Pavlos (31-8-2010 08:33:05)

Congratulations for the tool, it's absolutely fanstasic! However, I would like to ask if we can have a lighter version of it, without the setting options. When the tool is opened the user to be asked for the desired folder to save the back-end. That's all!
Regarding the path of the (only one) current back-end it can be retrived automatically by the linked tables, or not?



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (1-9-2010 00:50:11)

Hi Pavlos,

Unfortunately, I have no time to create custom versions of this tool, other than by doing that commercially.

Of course you are welcome to modify the tool for your own needs and make the changes as required.

You can contact me to negotiate rates and conditions should you need assistance in making the needed modifications.


Comment by: pavlos (2-9-2010 08:18:03)


Can the tool be used for db over a LAN? Meaning, when FE is installed to clients machines and BE to a main LAN server.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (3-9-2010 07:32:32)

Hi Pavlos,

Yes that works. Where the FE is makes no difference.
You should only use it on the BE database.
NB: Note that you only need to run the tool on one machine.


Comment by: Pavlos (4-9-2010 09:02:45)

Hi Jan,

By saying "You should only use it on the BE database." you mean for the BE database, correct? In other words, the tool can be incorporated into the FE and back up the BE that may be in a LAN server, correct?



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (4-9-2010 09:45:18)

Hi Pavlos,

You're right. But I wouldn't include it in the front-end database.
I assume that the front-end will be run by multiple users. It is NOT wise to have the backup system run on each user's system, as they will all try to backup the same backend database, at various times.
You only need ONE workstation that keeps the backup tool running as a separate database.


Comment by: Vernel (20-10-2010 10:23:55)

I have modify the tool to do untimed backups. This allows it to be included in the frontend. I hope I am not stepping on the copyrights.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (20-10-2010 10:55:59)

Hi Vernel,

No problem at all!


Comment by: Dan (28-10-2010 18:41:57)

Is there a way to keep each back up separate and include the date of the backup with the file? I am a newbie to programing and access.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (29-10-2010 06:51:21)

Hi Dan,

Sure, find this part of code in module modBackup:

        'Make sure there isn't already a file with the name of the new database
        If Dir(sFileName) <> "" Then
            On Error Resume Next
            'we keep two copies of the backup, just to be on the safe side
            Kill sFileName & "(copy 2)"
            Name sFileName & "(copy 1)" As sFileName & "(copy 2)"
            Kill sFileName & "(copy 1)"
            Name sFileName As sFileName & "(copy 1)"
            On Error GoTo listTables_Error
        End If

and substitute that with:

        sFileName = sFileName & "Copy of " & Format(Now(), "yyyymmdd hhmmss")


Comment by: Dan (30-10-2010 16:18:10)

Thank you for the update code. I replaced the field with the new line of code, but it is wanting to added the formatting to the end of the .mdb file. With the new code should it format it this way "data base.mdbCopy of 20101030 181224" or should it format it this way: "data base Copy of 20101030 181224.mdb" I apologize a head of time if it seems like a stupid question. I would like the latter of the two "data base Copy of 20101030 181224.mdb" Thank you in advance for all the support.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (31-10-2010 11:31:41)

IN that case, use:

sFileName = Replace(sFileName, ".mdb", "") & " Copy of " & Format(Now(), "yyyymmdd hhmmss") & ".mdb"


Comment by: Dan (3-11-2010 18:49:57)

Thank you for the update in code. The one problem I am running into with the database is that it only backs up the tables is it hard to include the Forms and Macros with the back up?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (3-11-2010 22:25:08)

I expect you can. However, I don't see why this is very useful, as you should design your database in two layers anyway: a front-end database with forms and code and a backend database with just the data. It is the latter that this tool is aiming at, since the front-end database normally is static and has a copy on the developers machine.


Comment by: Wendy (10-1-2011 14:54:07)

I have just written my first Access application and this tool has been very helpful. It looks like it is working fine for me but I am confused by what I see in the Backup.
I see the backed up Access Database (StPaulCafe). And then because I did 2 test backups I see StPaulCafe.accdb(Copy1) and (Copy2). But these are type(File) so I can't open them up?

Thanks for the help


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (10-1-2011 23:16:42)

Hi Wendy,

Windows does not recognize the file extension:
.accb(copy 1)
.accb(copy 2)

If you rename the file it'll understand:

StPaulCafe (copy 1).accb


Comment by: Joshua Clark (18-1-2011 08:04:45)

I am embarrassed that I even have to ask this question, but since the only dumb question is one unasked, here it goes: Does the backup tool need to be open to run the backup? I have my database on a network asset. Also is there any special place that the backup tool needs to be located? Thanks in advance for your help.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (18-1-2011 08:08:54)

Hi Joshua,

You're right, there is no such thing as a dumb question, only dumb answers.

The tool must indeed be running for it to work. You can run it on any system that has access to the network location in question. Note that it only has to run on one machine.


Comment by: Kevin (28-4-2011 07:39:40)

Hi there,

I just have to say I LOVE your backup tool. It's worked fantastic in the past, but this morning, the tool can't complete the backup - it just hangs then freezes at the last progress bar.

Some background:
- Backing up a split DB, only BE.
- BE is password protected, and I've entered the password correctly.
- BE is on a server.

The only thing that has changed since I last ran the backup is I attempted to use Windows Task Scheduler to automate the process, but it didn't work. I attempted to run the backup manually, and it still freezes.

Any ideas why the program is hanging? I've deleted and rezipped the backuptool, but still nothing. It was working great a couple days ago!

Thanks in advance,


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (28-4-2011 09:07:14)

Hi Kevin,

No idea why the progam hangs. You might try stepping through the backup code to find out where it stalls.

Maybe there is a problem with the database it is trying to backup?


Comment by: Dan Mac Neil (15-6-2011 13:05:18)

When I initially open the database, BackupTool 004, I get an error screen that says the following message;

The expression On Open you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Object or class does not support the set of events

I get the same error when I try to open the form;

I open the form;
and have set the source and target file locations as well as the backup time also but the backup fails to operate.

What should I do?


I am running Access 2003


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (15-6-2011 23:52:35)

Hi Dan,

Do any of the pointers listed in the link below help?


Comment by: Danielle (5-8-2011 07:14:19)

I downloaded the tool so that I can use it on Access 2010. However, I told it to "Enable content" and now I get an error that "The OLE server isn't registered". Did I do something wrong?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (22-8-2011 02:49:39)

Hi Danielle,

Maybe you have to check the references in the VBA, you may have to uncheck and recheck the ones that are checked.


Comment by: M. Dunnlap (11-10-2011 08:55:54)

Thank you for this tool ... at first it was working perfectly ... but since i have changed my windows password when ever i try to run the program it prompts for a "data source" to be entered ... any ideas on how to remove this prompt??

thank you,

M. Dunnlap


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (12-10-2011 00:05:37)

Hi M.

I'm not sure what is going on here! The program is self-contained, it has no linked tables, so it should not pronpt for anything as far as I know. Can you email me a screenshot?


Comment by: M. Dunnlap (25-10-2011 10:03:25)

my apologies for not responding ... i will send over that screen shot later this evening (EST) when i get off work ...

thank you for your patience ...


Comment by: Joe Z (16-11-2011 15:20:35)


I have a little problem with the database. It works fine with 8 of my 2010 databases, but I have one that is password protected. When the backup ran last nite, it hung waiting for me to enter the database password. Is there any way I can have the database on the table and when the backup runs, it looks for the password on the table?

Thank You,


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (16-11-2011 22:58:23)

Hi Joe,

I'm too tied up at the moment to modify the code, but you're welcome to adjus tthe tool yourself of course. You could use code mentioned here to open a password protected database:


Comment by: Joel (12-12-2011 09:02:15)

I'd like to backup the other modules in a database with the tables. Do you have a version of the Backup Tool that does this?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (12-12-2011 10:46:49)

Hi Joel,

You mean VBA code modules?

The tool is aimed at frontend-backend databases, where code is in the frontend database (not needing a save) and just tables and relationships are in the backend database.


Comment by: celmira (2-2-2012 07:44:41)

It was working perfectly , thank so much.

Do you have something about "linked table" that made this process automatic?


Comment by: Bob Vance (2-2-2012 15:27:04)

Do you have a version for backing up the back end database in accdb...Thanks for any help. Bob


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (6-2-2012 04:58:15)

Hi Bob,

No, I don't unfortunately.

Doesn't the tool work with an accdb if you provide the proper filename?


Comment by: Ed (13-2-2012 23:58:51)

I love this tool!! I have a question, though: I've been using it for two weeks without problems, until now: I get a message that reads: Backup error!!! MS Access has generated the following error
Error Number:94
Error Source: list table
Error Description: Invalid use of null

How can I fix this?

Once again, thank you very much. God bless!



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (14-2-2012 03:01:00)

Hi Ed,

Perhaps somehow one of the settings have changed?


Comment by: Ed (14-2-2012 08:35:27)

Yes, that was the problem it's back to normal now.

Do you guys have (I'm whiling to pay for it) an app for MS Access that I can use to make searches? This is what I need: I built a database to keep track of our documents. I created a form where my employees can chose from two different sections to work with (documents and drawings). Each of those sections are contained in different tables. What I need is an app that can help me search on both tables (documents and drawings)-regardless of column or row-and provide results based on a word, or a wildcard, etc. As additional information: I've splited the data base and also created a ACCDE for my staff to use/access.

Any information would be appreciated.




Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (14-2-2012 11:12:10)

Hi Ed,

Excellent, glad you could fix things.

As to the other question: please send me an email using the address at the bottom of this page.


Comment by: Rob Wing (28-2-2012 07:11:25)

We have been using this tool for over a year now and it has been wonderful. For the past two days, however, when running the backup, we receive the following error:

Backup error!!!

MS Access has generated the following error:

Error Number: 3167
Error Source: listTable
Error Description: Record is deleted.

What does this mean and how can the issue be resolved?

Thank you for any assistance with this issue.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (5-3-2012 05:09:19)

Hi Rob,

Odd. First thing to check: does the tool have the right settings?


Comment by: s3rcl (13-3-2012 03:35:51)

Thanks a lot...
I've been looking exactly for this thing.

Thanks again.


Comment by: Jonathan Britt (11-4-2012 19:40:12)

Whenever I try and open your database, I get Access has stopped working!!

I am using Access 2007.

What am I doing wrong?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (12-4-2012 04:44:42)


I'm sorry, I wouldn't know why the tool doesn't work for you!


Comment by: James (25-4-2012 04:53:33)

Afternoon Jan, I have been using the backup tool you have provided here to great success, it is an excellent tool - stable, small file size and works on several databases at one time.

I was just wondering ...

Could it be adapted to not just copy the back end of a database but instead; to copy a set of folders (and the contained files) to another location e.g. from a local drive, to a defined network drive?

The reason being I have a training database that users update, they also add scanned files of the training certificates to their computer. These are the fiels i would like copting to a central location (whilst maintaining the users file structre).

I understand if you would like your database left well alone, but if you don't mind me fiddling with my copy of the backup tool a few pointers as to how to do the above would be greatly appreciated!

Thanking you in advance,



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (25-4-2012 07:09:46)

Hi James,

Of course you're allowed to modify the tool as much as you need.
If this is something you really need, we could arrange to start a small development project (which wouldn't be for free of course).


Comment by: gIN (23-5-2012 20:45:56)



Comment by: Willa Mae Hampton (4-6-2012 22:18:15)

How can I prevent Microsoft office 2010 from popping-up and ruining my downloads?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (5-6-2012 08:45:04)

Hi Willa Mae,

Can you please describe what exactly happens?


Comment by: bang john (17-7-2012 04:03:08)

Whenever I try and open your database, I get Access has stopped working!!

I am using Access 2010.

What am I doing wrong?


Comment by: MSAccess2010 (30-7-2012 15:15:00)

Hi, do you have a 64bit version of this ?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (7-8-2012 11:21:29)

@bang john: I don not think you are doing anything wrong. Not sure what gives though. Try a repair of Office (from control panel/add/remove programs).

@MSAccess2010: No, unfortunately I do not have a 64 bit version. You are free to use this page to create one yourself:


Comment by: Access2007 User (7-8-2012 18:32:00)

I'm using Access 2007.
When I select a file for the Name and Path of Source File, I get the following error: "Runtime Error '3326'. This Recordset is not updateable."

Do you know what might be wrong?



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (8-8-2012 13:16:35)


I don't really know, but it sounds like the mdb file of the tool is in readonly state. Rightclick the file in explorer, check properties for its readonly setting.


Comment by: Access2007 User (8-8-2012 20:18:22)

@Jan Karel
You are right. The file was in readonly state.
The reason I was getting Runtime Error 3326 was because I was opening the file directly from the zipped folder.
I should have extracted the file first.



Comment by: Access2007 User (13-8-2012 19:07:48)


When I am backing up a file multiple times, it overrides the previous backup.

I would like to change the backup file's name so it also includes date of the day file was backed up.
I am familiar with VBA Access code.

In your code, where can I go and change the name of the backup file?



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (14-8-2012 10:48:21)

Hi Access2007 User,

This line of code sets the filename:

sFileName = sTargetPath & Mid(rs!pthSourceFileName, InStrRev(rs!pthSourceFileName, "\") + 1, Len(rs!pthSourceFileName))


Comment by: SeaDog Mariner (10-9-2012 19:07:58)

"Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (8/7/2012 11:21:29 AM)
@bang john: I don not think you are doing anything wrong. Not sure what gives though. Try a repair of Office (from control panel/add/remove programs)."

I tried saving as .accdb and get the same problem. Looks like code runs fine until it closes the backing-up DB, but it then seems to hang when trying to close Access2010 (shell?). It leaves Access2010 open with no DB open.

DB works great as .mdb (when run from Access2010). Am assuming that conversion to .accdb not possible?


Comment by: Seadog Mariner (10-9-2012 23:09:53)

Also- It looks like the same result as my previous post for the Backup Tool when run on XP as runtime only (no full Access2010 install), even when maintained as .mdb file. Have you tested whether it will work on RT only installations?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (11-9-2012 09:56:11)

Hi Seadog,

No I have not tested this on RT installations.

Since mdb files work just fine in Access 2010, why convert to accdb?


Comment by: Bruce Hunter (20-1-2013 04:09:26)

Does exactly what it states, easy to customize
Many thanks for the help in ensuring a task that is often neglected is done.


Comment by: ran (4-5-2014 15:47:01)

I tried using the Backup Tool in Office 2007 but I'm Getting a Backup error
Error Number: -2147221163
Error Source: listTable
Error Description: Method 'CurrentDb' of object '_Application' failed.

do you have any idea what could it be?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (8-5-2014 07:22:31)

Hi Ran,

Check whether the references of the tool are OK (Tools, References).


Comment by: Colin Jack (17-8-2015 17:57:43)

Hi Jan,

Just trying your Access BackupTool.mdb and it is asking for a username & password.

I haven't done anything except download it and open it in Access.

Access 2003 on Server 2003




Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (18-8-2015 09:56:32)

Hi Colin,

The database is unprotected so it must be a security setting in your Access setup. My guess is that you have a workgroup file?


Comment by: Colin Jack (18-8-2015 09:59:53)

Thanks Jan - spot on. Workgroup file.



Comment by: Sonam Dhendup (1-10-2015 07:09:24)

Hello Sir/Madam:
I'm very glad to find this software as backup access automaticly for your website,It's very useful for me.
But I find the question for this software that it only export the Table part when it execute backup action.
I'm want have the software that it can export the whole database such as table,queries,forms,reports, macro and moudule when it's export as backup file. Is it possible?
Would you like to give me this kind of founction softeware and I will be appreciate your strong support!
Best Reagard!


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (1-10-2015 11:19:16)

Hi Sonam,

The tool is intended for back-end/front-end MSAccess solutions, where the front-end is a more or less static database that contains all your logic (forms, reports, queries, VBA code) and your back-end contains just the tables (and hence all data) and their relationships.

The tool assumes you already have a backup copy of your front-end database.


Comment by: Georg (8-10-2015 22:03:02)

Hello I downloaded this tool and it works great with Access 2007 but not with Access 2007 Runtime.
Can you imagine a reason?
Thanks, Georg


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (9-10-2015 13:35:11)

Hi Georg,

TBH, we've never tried the tool in Access runtime :-)


Comment by: Giorgio (24-10-2015 13:13:53)

Hi, I want to save even a folder with the BMP files, it is possible?

Thank you


Comment by: S Fernando (16-3-2016 12:10:29)

How can I automate this back if the access file is protected by a password.


Comment by: Sultan (17-10-2016 00:48:22)

Hi thanks for your database its really very useful but it have a problem with that if Back-end protected with password when click on backup it say enter password and then when entering the password just stock and not complete backup process

please tell us how to solve this issues


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (17-10-2016 09:44:08)

Hi Sultan,

I'm sorry, I haven't got time to suggest a fix for that problem now.


Comment by: Ivan (9-5-2017 09:00:46)

Dear Jan Karel Pieterse
Please tool for 64-bit msaccess
Thank you


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (9-5-2017 15:46:28)

Hi Ivan,

I would, if I had some spare time :-)


Comment by: Ivan (9-5-2017 20:48:59)

After 3 days of work it does not work. :(
Please Mr Jan Karel Pieterse


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (10-5-2017 09:07:55)

Hi Ivan,

Please download the tool again and try the 64 bit version inside the zip file.


Comment by: Ivan (11-5-2017 08:09:30)

Dear Mr Jan;
Build 005, 10 May
Thank you for the update in code, working perfectly
Test Access 2016 64 bit: OK!
Test Access 2007 32 bit: OK!

Best Regards


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