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Fixing Docking Of Windows In The VBE

If you're a VBA programmer like me, you're probably picky about your window arrangements in the Visual Basic Editor. Sometimes it messes things up and it can be a challenge to get those windows where you want them.

First of all, you have to choose whether or not you want them to dock at all. Tools, options, Docking enables you to set that for each window separately:

Fig 1, Tools, Options, Docking tab for the VBE.

Suppose your window looks like this:

Fig 2, VBE window. Project explorer above Properties window.

and you want it to look like this:

Fig 3, VBE window. Project explorer below Properties window.

What do you do?

Since a picture says more than a 1000 words and a movie is worth a 1000 pictures, I've recorded my movements while doing these things. Download the movies:

Docking the project explorer window

Docking the watch window

Sometimes, one of the windows disappears completely. This may be caused by a change in screen resolution, but I've heard of inexplicable disappearances too. To fix that, follow these steps:


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Comment by: AmyK (1-4-2019 19:44:57) deeplink to this comment

Thank you, just...thank you.

Comment by: Salim (25-8-2019 15:17:00) deeplink to this comment


Is it possible to dock a control in a UserForm frame control??? When scrolling inside this frame, this control stays put (frozen), does not move up or down but moves only when scrolling sideways left and right. Perhaps API function can acheive this??

Comment by: david1392 (11-9-2019 09:43:00) deeplink to this comment

Thanks for sharing it is important for me, I'm just started VBA programming. I also searched for that from here https://www.klantenservicebelgies.com/hp-belgie/

Comment by: mark65 (19-9-2019 14:57:00) deeplink to this comment

I had the same issue and your solution worked for me as well.

Comment by: Charell Kaan (18-5-2020 14:01:00) deeplink to this comment

Thanks for sharing it is important for me, I'm just started VBA programming.

Comment by: alex (5-6-2020 20:09:00) deeplink to this comment

thank you.

Comment by: Tom Stranger-Johannessen (21-6-2020 16:00:00) deeplink to this comment


Comment by: 14 years late (6-12-2020 16:51:00) deeplink to this comment

Your video deserve a Nobel prize. Thanks!

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