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Styles in Excel

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  1. How Styles Work
  2. Creating Styles
  3. Applying Styles
  4. Deviate from a style
  5. Tips
  6. VBA Examples
  7. Conclusion

Creating styles

A convenient method to create a new style is by selecting a cell which has all formatting options in place which you want to incorporate in the new style. Select the cell and click the Home tab, click the Cell Styles button in the Styles group.

Styles dialog

The Styles dialog screen.

To create a new style, simply type its name in the box "Style name". By default, all formatting elements are checked. Remove the checkmarks for the formatting elements you want to omit from the style you are creating (The dialog shown above has the Number and Alignment elements turned off).

Use the "Modify..." button to adjust the elements to your needs. Excel will show the standard "Format cells " dialog screen:

Format cells dialog screen

The format cells dialog screen, as shown after clicking Modify... on the Style dialog.

Note, that the elements in the Style dialog are identical to the tabs on the Format Cells dialog.

Note: As soon as you change a formatting element on a tab that was not selected on the Style dialog, Excel will automatically check that element for you; it will become part of that style.

Note that the style dialog will update/add the style, but the style will not be applied to the selected cells.



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Comment by: Mark Allen (19-11-2009 20:00:40) deeplink to this comment

When using linear programming how can you shade in the feasible region that conatains a diagonal line through certain cells.

Thank You
Mark Allen

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (20-11-2009 04:08:21) deeplink to this comment

Hi Mark,

Do you mean you want a diagonal line to appear based on some condition?

Comment by: Ren Leng Ren (23-6-2017 03:43:54) deeplink to this comment

Good for me

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