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Why Slicers

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  1. Why Slicers
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  3. Slicers and VBA
  4. Synchronising Slicers
  5. Show Selected Items

If you've ever done filtering on Pivottables before you'll know why. But I'll spell it out here in case you haven't.

With any version of Excel, you can filter the content of your Pivottable report (or chart for that matter) by clicking the appropriate dropdown and checking/unchecking boxes:

Filtering a Pivottable field
Old-style Pivottable filtering

This method has a number of drawbacks listed below, in no particular order:

Slicers put an end to a number of these problems:

Filtering a Pivottable field with slicers
Slicer Pivottable filtering

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All comments about this page:

Comment by: Chris (21-8-2012 00:08:12) deeplink to this comment

Okay, when I first saw slicers, I thought, yeah, they're nice in that they look better than pivot table report filters, but that's really all they are - nicer looking pivot table report filters.

Then I read this article and discovered that they will apply your hierarchical groupings to your filtering. Okay. That's cool. I think more of slicers now than I did two minutes ago (I'm a slow typer ;-))

Comment by: Shankar M (13-1-2014 11:07:48) deeplink to this comment

Hi, is it possible to get the results of slicers selection either as a msgbox or as a text box? If yes, can you pls help with it.

For example: referring to your example of slicer - if the Shipcountry is selected as "Austria" it should display the result at the bottom of the table/chart.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (13-1-2014 11:43:54) deeplink to this comment

Hi Shankar,

See this page:
There is a comment from me that shows a function called "GetSelectedItemsOfSlicer". You can use that function to get the selected items.

Comment by: Filiep (7-12-2016 19:01:46) deeplink to this comment

I agree that slicers are nice but one thing that is truly handy with Pivot Filters is to be able to do a search for filter value. Especially when the list is long this is very handy; this option is not available for slicers I believe.

Comment by: Alex (12-4-2017 06:26:44) deeplink to this comment


I would like to use one set of slicers to change two tables, not pivot, just two tables.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (12-4-2017 11:27:12) deeplink to this comment

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately, there is no VBA Event we can use that responds just to changing a filter using a slicer. Nor is there an event that responds to just filtering a table.
So all you can do is things like:

- Use the SheetDeActivate event on worksheets with your slicers and then synch the slicers on that de-activated sheet with the slicers on other sheets
- Use the calculate event to do something similar (but this will likely ony work if formulas point to the tables)

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