Creating webpages with Excel Web App mashups

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  3. Web controls
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Demo of an embedded Excel Web App responding to form controls

Edit the values in the two textboxes and click the Update Chart button to update the Excel Web App!
Remember to use the decimal separator that belongs to your windows country setting. If the chart stays blank, try using the dot instead of the comma or vice versa.

Phase difference (degrees) Frequency ratio 

Please Wait...

The next page shows a demo where I used an event to create a dynamically updating chart.



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Comment by: Maxime Manuel (23-8-2014 04:38:24) deeplink to this comment

This is amazing. I love Excel more and more.
Thank you for sharing such tips.

Comment by: Rich (25-9-2014 08:07:06) deeplink to this comment

Thanks so much. This has been very useful.

Comment by: Robin Jansson (25-4-2016 19:56:43) deeplink to this comment

Great guide first of all, works like a charm!

How ever, I saw you had a "loading screen" for the embeddedexcel document and I were wondering if you mind sharing that with us? :)

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (26-4-2016 13:25:55) deeplink to this comment

Hi Robin,

Just above the location of the embedded file you place a div tag called "loadingdiv" which contains the "loading screen" text.

<div id="loadingdiv"><h3>Please Wait...</h3></div>

The Javascript hides this div when loading is completed:

function OnChartLoaded(asyncResult)
        if (asyncResult.getSucceeded())
            ewaCht = asyncResult.getEwaControl();
            ewaCht.getActiveWorkbook().getRangeA1Async('b1:b2', getRangeForControls, null);
        document.getElementById("loadingdiv").style.display = "none";

Comment by: Ashish Gupta (17-5-2016 14:12:27) deeplink to this comment

Hi Dirk,

I have an excel file with few macro's and 2 user forms.This file on my system is a complete application for me right now. Am I able to load it or embed it on website or webpage so that user can interact with my excel file directly ? Any help via Java script or html will work for me.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.

Ashish Gupta

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (17-5-2016 15:04:15) deeplink to this comment

Hi Ashish,

Web Excel does not nor ever will run VBA. You will have to build a JavaScript Excel add-in to enable automation of web Excel. Advantage of doing this is that your code would also run on iPad Excel and Android Excel.

Comment by: Mark (8-2-2017 13:17:42) deeplink to this comment

Thanks for this info. I have copied the code on this page into a new html file and everything works fine but I'm getting an issue with my own excel file on onedrive.
I have set up a simple workbook with chart values in cells b1 and b2. I have then made a chart. Next I have shared the workbook using an edit link.
I have then copied the embed code fileToken value.
The chart displays fine on the page, the values from cells b1 and b2 are shown in the text boxes but when I try to change the values and click the button the chart displays "working on it" followed by "still working on it" and loops through these two statements without ever updating.
Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (9-2-2017 16:04:24) deeplink to this comment

Hi Mark,

To be honest, I don't know. Does it work if you edit the cells in question directly in the embedded worksheet object?

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