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Creating webpages with Excel Web App mashups

Demo of a dynamic chart

This page contains event code that will automatically increase the Phase box with steps of 10 degrees and updates the chart accordingly.

You can still edit both boxes however. Remember to use the decimal separator that belongs to your windows country setting. If the chart stays blank, try using the dot instead of the comma or vice versa.

Phase difference (degrees) Frequency ratio 

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Comment by: Andrew (26-8-2013 06:18:09)


Great article,

My question is how did you remove the "full-size work book" button in the bottom right hand corner?
= Andrew


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (26-8-2013 09:21:34)

Hi Andrew,

In the Javascript code behind this page you can find this part:

var props = {item: "Chart 2",
showDownloadButton: false,
showGridlines: false,
showRowColumnHeaders: false,
showParametersTaskPane: false

Look for the "showDownloadButton" setting.


Comment by: Hans Billiet (24-10-2013 21:05:21)

I'm new in this, and looking for an excel file that can interact with a form on a website. I read your article, and it seems very useable. But what concerns me is the security. I don't want to allow people to have access to the excel file itself, because it contains confidential information. Is there a way to protect the content? I read that protected sheets are not supported, but if using JavaScript shields the excel file from the user, then protection might not be needed. Please comment. Thanks!


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (25-10-2013 09:05:13)

Hi Hans,

Indeed the protection is the part that is worrying. I don't think you can actually prevent people from downloading your file. But you can make it hard to do.

In fact, the embedded Excel file on this page has no buttons for download. But you can still access the JAVASCRIPT code of this page and some editors allow you to step through the code and hence influence its behavior.
Any knowledgable developer will be able to get at your file utlimately.
But 99% of the audience using your embedded document will not be able to do so because they lack the expertise.


Comment by: mike (19-3-2015 21:39:11)

hi i want to ask one thing... i have embeded sheet on my website please have a look
my question is if i can zoom in or out.. or if there is a way i can add something like zoom control using java script.. or even better embed the worksheet with already 50 % zoomed out. So it will show not 20 % of the sheet but for example half of it bit zoomed out. Right now i can only use ctrl - and ctrl + to zoom in and out. Please let me know, it will be a great help. Thank you


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (20-3-2015 13:40:40)

Hi Mike,

What happens if you change the zoom level on the original file and replace it on your OneDrive?


Comment by: Renaud (26-5-2016 11:19:43)


I understand how to send value in the ExcelWebApp, but how to get value from the Excel to use it in the webpage ?


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (30-5-2016 18:08:14)

Hi Renaud,

Apologies for the belated reply.

Perhaps you can find more information on Tushar Metha's website:


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