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Styles in Excel

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  1. How Styles Work
  2. Creating Styles
  3. Applying Styles
  4. Deviate from a style
  5. Tips
  6. VBA Examples
  7. Conclusion


There is a lot to gain by using styles in your Excel work. To name but a few:

With this article I have tried to give insight in the use of styles in Excel. If you have comments, suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate to use the comment form below each page!

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All comments about this page:

Comment by: Primo (6-2-2009 03:05:57) deeplink to this comment

Thanks for this.

If you have a large file and changed from formatting cells individually to using a few styles, could that reduce the size of the file slightly? Would it save any memory?

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (6-2-2009 04:02:27) deeplink to this comment

Hi Primo,

Yes, it could reduce file size significantly, depending on how complex your formatting was and whether you have sheets where control+end takes you way past the really last used cell or not.

Comment by: Primo (6-2-2009 05:45:59) deeplink to this comment

Hi Jan Karel

That's great, this fits right in with my ongoing streamlining and standardising and general tightening up of my Excel projects.

Thanks again, and for all the other help I've had from your site over the last couple of years!

Comment by: jacky (29-8-2009 00:22:26) deeplink to this comment


Comment by: tom (26-3-2010 20:26:12) deeplink to this comment

just wondering if you know the maximum number of formats in Excel 2003 or at what level to expect problems without using styles?

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (27-3-2010 11:06:57) deeplink to this comment

Hi Tom,

If I recall correctly the limit is 4000. But you may start experiencing problems at lesser than that, I've heard of as little as 2500.

Comment by: Partha (28-9-2016 06:21:01) deeplink to this comment

it really helped me a lot . thnks pal.

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