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Styles in Excel

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  4. Deviate from a style
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Deviate from a style

If you have applied a style to a set of cells and you change a formatting element of one of those cells, then modifications to that particular element of the style will no longer be applied to the modified cell.

So after changing a font attribute (like Bold) of a cell, changing the font attributes of the style will update all cells, except the one you just modified:

Series of cells with one style, 1 cell deviates from that style.

Series of cells with one style, 1 cell deviates from that style.

You can restore the style to a deviating cell by selecting the cell and choosing the style from the style dropdown and clicking "No" on the subsequent question Excel 97 - 2003 will ask you (See below) . Note that Excel 2010 (and 2013 and 2007) never asks you this question and performs the same action as when you click "No" . See the previous page to find out what clicking Yes or no causes Excel to do.

Confirm to Excel how it must apply the style

Confirm to Excel how it must apply the style



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Comment by: Jan Woellhaf (7-3-2013 01:28:03) deeplink to this comment

Re: Deviate from a style.

I spent several hours trying to discover why some cells changed when I changed their style and others didn't. Wish I'd encountered your comment sooner! Excellent site. Thanks.

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