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Using controls on worksheets


Excel is a very flexible instrument to perform analyses and what-if scenario’s. You use formulas in cells with one or more input cells to calculate the various situations. To ease working with different values and/or choices, you can put the controls from either the Control toolbox or the Forms toolbar to good use. Proper use of these controls make your models easier to use.

The controls also enable you to ease data entry and at the same time improve data quality by minimizing the risk of wrong entries. For "day-to-day" use, I recommend the Forms controls. If there are specific options you need which are not offered by the form controls then you can also implement the Control toolbox (ActiveX) controls.



All comments about this page:

Comment by: Mike Drummond (15-5-2011 12:08:51)

Thanks for the controls info.
Is there a known problem with Form controls and 2010?
I'm finding that Forms Combo box will very often crash Excel 2010. Error is "Excel is restarting"

If I type the list index directly into the Cell Link cell there is no problem.

I tried deleting the combo control and inserting a new one.

The ActiveX combo doesn't have a problem.


Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (15-5-2011 21:12:20)

Hi Mike,

So far I've seen more trouble with the ActiveX ones than with the forms ones.Which doesn't fix your problem of course.
Does it also crash when you insert a new sheet and put the combo on that sheet?
Hunch: clean up your temp folders.


Comment by: Mike Drummond (16-5-2011 02:23:48)

I had UDFs to return a chart axis Max & Min to the worksheet which are Application.Volatile (otherwise they weren't updating). Disabling A.V solved the crashing.

Thanks for your response because it got me searching for non-control reasons. Mike


Comment by: John (8-4-2015 01:21:50)

I use Control features all the time but as many others I have found Active X to be more troublesome.

One area that I find that I need assistance on is a File Older background "pop-up" that I have seen done in Excel as far back as 2003. What I mean is that say in a Invoice workbook that has the main worksheet that    looks like a normal page without grid that has Label buttons on it that takes to Folder Page popup (same as if a photo that has an embedded macro in it). On these folder pages (do not confuse this as another worksheet) bring up such things as product prices, photos of the product, costs, fields for changing all including price markups, deletions of products, etc. Another on the main invoice page has a label Button for adding shipping address or billing addresses and thus allowing edits. Again the pop-up after clicking the Label Buttom brings this pop-up vanilla file folder overlay on the main invoice page. wondering you know how to perform is this a combination of marrying Excel with MS Access since the two work together.



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