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Using controls on worksheets

Overview of the available controls

The table below shows which controls there are and describes each one shortly.

Control name
Control use and remarks
Add a label next to other controls.
Use this control to group other controls. OptionButtons placed within a frame work together.
Button (CommandButton)
Start a macro
Set an option, Select multiple options from a list of options.
Select one option from a (short) list.
Select an option from a list. Multiple options are visible at the same time.
Select an option from a list, only the selected option is visible.
Quickly change numeric values.
Change values step-by-step easily.
Enter a text.
Toggle status. This control is not recommended, I advise to use either a checkbox or a set of two OptionButtons.



All comments about this page:

Comment by: adam (1-7-2011 01:37:07)

I have a sheet that uses a scrollbar linked to a graph, which I use to show students how the data changes between set points.

I get tired of holding the scrollbar down to 'play' the 'animation'. Is there a play control button? Could a scrollbar be tweeked so that you only have to click the button once and it just goes through to the end?

That would be very nice. Any ideas?



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (4-7-2011 01:39:12)

The easiest way would be to use a little bit of VBA code that increments the cell which holds the scrollbar's result. Suppose it is cell A1 on sheet1:

Sub RunChart()
    dim lCt as Long
    Dim lWait as Long
    For lCt=1 to 1000
        For lWait=1 to 10000 'Change this number to increase/decrease speed
End Sub


Comment by: adam samuelson (10-7-2011 02:12:55)

Hi Jan,
Thankyou for your prompt reply, the code you provided worked very well on the data and is exactly the type of thing I wanted.

The problem I have now is the graph doesn't 'refresh' with each data change, it only changes when the macro finishes running.

Interesting to note that when I slide the scrollbar (slowly) the graph does change, so I suspect it is a refresh rate problem.

Any ideas as to how I could solve this new problem??



Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (11-7-2011 00:24:05)

Hi Adam,

Just before the waiting loop, include this statement:



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