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XML and Excel

Characteristics of XML

XML has a number of important characteristics (reprinted from
Professional Excel Development with permission from Addison Wesley):



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Comment by: rahmat (10-2-2011 10:23:55) deeplink to this comment

i dont use xml. i have no idea about it.
what is its function and what purpose it need?
how xml is used?

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (11-2-2011 04:00:31) deeplink to this comment

Hi Rahmat,

You'll know when you need xml, it is when you get an xml file from some source and you're asked to work with the data in that file.
As long as you do not have any xml files to work with, you don't need this option of course.

Comment by: yasser latif from pakistan (25-3-2011 04:25:14) deeplink to this comment

why we can't save the xmlDocument utf-8 whole contents as a singel string in xml field of Table in SQL Server.

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (25-3-2011 05:14:59) deeplink to this comment

Hi Yasser,

I'm sorry, SQL Server is not my core expertise, Excel is.
Try asking your question here:

Comment by: Sandeep (12-8-2012 11:27:26) deeplink to this comment

XML is introduced for data storing and transferring is it true of false

Comment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (13-8-2012 11:34:42) deeplink to this comment

Hi Sandeep,

Yes and no. XML was introduced to be able to create structured data files, with the capability to mark what the data is about. It eases exchanging data between systems, simply because you can open an XML file and by reading its content understand whet it contains.

Of course this only works if people use descriptive and clear tag names and adhere to the xml rules.

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