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Creating an add-in from an Excel macro.

Use A Workbook Or An Add-in

Besides personal.xls/personal.xlsb, other workbooks may be placed in the XLSTART folder. All files placed in this location will be opened by Excel automatically and macro's of files placed in this special folder usually are enabled by default.

One could therefore place the new macro workbook in that folder to ensure the macros are available to us in each Excel session. There is one disadvantage however. As soon as other files than personal.xls are placed in that location, Excel will no longer open a blank workbook when you start it.

The alternative method to make the code available to each session is by creating an add-in from the macro workbook. add-ins are available through Excel's Tools, add-ins menu.

An add-in is nothing more than a normal workbook, with two special characteristics:
1. Its sheets are invisible
2. Once setup, it is available in the Tools, add-ins list. (from which the add-in can easily be set NOT to load, whereas a normal workbook located in the XLSTART folder has to be moved to a different folder when it isn't needed).

Whether an add-in or a normal workbook is to be preferred, depends on the purpose of the utility.
When worksheets of the utility workbook need to be shown to the user, a workbook is the way to go. With many utilities however this is not the case and it may be better to use an add-in.

Saving a workbook as an add-in

Creating an add-in is a fairly simple process, involving these simple steps:

Save-As Dialog with add-in selected

It is to be advised to do future editing work in the source workbook, rather than in the add-in itself. Some Excel versions will not reliably save an add-in from the Visual Basic Editor.